Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd, the company founded by Len Ainsworth, will operate in much the same way as it does now following the completion of its merger with Novomatic AG.

Danny Gladstone Ainsworth Games.

Ainsworth chief executive Danny Gladstone has said it will be business as usual when the Novomatic deal completes in October. (Image:

Back in June 2016 when Novomatic purchased a majority stake (52 percent) in Ainsworth for $470 million, two major questions arose.

The first was how the companies would handle the huge logistical process of having Novomatic approved in the US.

A Tricky Deal to Seal

Prior to the deal, Ainsworth was licensed to offering gaming software and products in 196 US jurisdictions. Following the sale, Novomatic became the majority shareholder which is considered a significant material change to the dynamics of the company.

Because of this, Novomatic now has to be approved by each of the jurisdictions Ainsworth is operational in. So far, this process has been slow, but reports in January stated that things were progressing well and that everything should be complete by October.

With this question answered, the next step for the man in charge of Ainsworth, chief executive Danny Gladstone, was how the two gaming companies would fit together going forward.

Addressing the issue at the recent Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia, Gladstone explained that Ainsworth and Novomatic would remain almost as separate entities.

A Meeting of Minds, Not a Takeover

Describing the deal as less of an “integration” and more of a “cooperation,” Gladstone essentially said that it will be business as usual. Novomatic doesn’t currently have a footing in the US, but Ainsworth does and Gladstone doesn’t foresee this dynamic changing in the coming years.

Similarly, Ainsworth will continue to be the company’s “brand” in its native Australia, while Novomatic will remain a major name in Europe. However, Gladstone did say that the deal with Novomatic will present opportunities for the two companies to share technology and ideas.

“Their [Novomatic’s] game designers are looking at some of the ways we do our games; they are looking at the way we present link [games] controllers. We have actually taken six or seven of their games… and reworked them a little bit to fit in to the markets we know,” said Gladstone.

As well as borrowing ideas from each other, joint projects could also be in the pipeline. The idea of designing a “common platform” that could run Ainsworth and Novomatic style games is just one possibility that’s arisen from the deal.

However, even with these innovations and ideas, Gladstone was keen to stress that the Ainsworth brand wouldn’t be swallowed up by Novomatic and that it will remain a major player in Oz and beyond.

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