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Lottoland has come under attack for an allegedly “patronising” TV ad slot aimed at the country’s newsagents. (Image: Lottoland)

Lottoland, the Australian betting site that lets players gamble on overseas lotteries, has been attacked over its recent ad campaign.

Lottoland Australia is making a bid to become one of the country’s top online betting sites. And in a major marketing push recently, the firm secured a TV spot last week. In the ad, an elderly woman tries to buy a Lottoland ticket from a local newsagent. However, she is told by the staff to play on the Internet.

Australian newsagents are unhappy about their portrayal in the ad, however. newsXpress’s Mark Fletcher has written to the company to complain about an ad which, he claims, “disrespects the intelligence of Australians.”

Mr. Fletcher is demanding an apology, adding that, Lottoland’s ad “denigrates our channel, those who own the businesses and the thousands of families that rely on our businesses for food on the table and clothing on their backs.”

Lottoland Allows Aussie Gamblers To Bet On Lotto

Lottoland is an online-only gambling site that launched earlier this year. Although based in Gibraltar, the company has a gaming license from NT and is able to offer Australians real-money markets. It is also available in the UK, where players are free to buy major European lottery tickets.

With the site, players are able to “play” overseas lotteries like El Gordo in Spain and the mammoth EuroMillions draw.

Rather than buy actual tickets for overseas lottery draws (prohibited Down Under), Lottoland players simply back the numbers they want to come up. The site then offers odds on those numbers coming up. Essentially, Lottoland works as an online betting site accepting wagers on certain Lotto numbers appearing.

The wins are underwritten so that the site is able to pay out in the event of a jackpot win. The timing of the site’s launch couldn’t have come at a better time. A week after Lottoland launched in Oz, the US PowerBall jackpot hit $900 million (AUD1.2 billion) and went unclaimed. A rollover jackpot surpassed the $1 billion mark.

Lottoland was launched by Luke Brill, who has previous experience with gaming giants like Centrebet and Betfred in the UK. The firm also boasts the services of Matthew Brinkley, the former commercial operations head of William Hill Australia.

Lottoland Keen To Grab Control Of Lottery Share

Lottoland’s aggressive marketing strategy is a clear move to seize a share of Australia’s valuable lottery industry. Currently, Tatts Group enjoy a major share of state lotteries across Victoria, NT and Tasmania. The Tatts Powerball often has a ‘First Division’ prizepool worth $35 million. Tickets can be bought online, on mobile, or at land-based newsagents and outlets.

However, critics argue, while Tatts’ lotteries result in good causes receiving money, Lottoland’s profits all go to the company.

While Lottoland and other companies can guarantee players a share of the biggest jackpots on the planet, Aussie monopolies like Tatts could well have a fight on their hands.

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