Aces and Faces is a fun and original online video poker focusing squarely on delivering an exciting gameplay. Online pokies players can play 10 poker hands at once to win big jackpots of real money.

  • An entertaining spin on the usual online pokies, guaranteed to delight players.
  • Extra high pay-outs when hitting four-of-a-kind combinations of aces and royalty cards
  • Double or Nothing bonus can instantly double your pay-out after each win.

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Aces and Faces 10 Power Poker is great for both beginners and for advanced players, offering both a simple layout and massive action all in one game. The ten in the title comes from the fact that you can play ten hands at once in this exciting online pokies variation. Click the link below to be immediately taken to a legal Aussie online casino, where you can play Aces and Faces 10 right away.

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Game Summary

Aces and Faces Power Poker 10 video poker is a unique and fun style of online video poker. You can either hone your video poker skills or learn as a complete beginner with this interactive and fun game. In this review you will learn all about the betting ranges, the paylines and the payments available to you. Many Aussies agree that this is one of the most fun pokies out there.

The way that Aces and Faces Power Poker 10 is scored is the same as standard five card poker. The difference with this video poker game is that you are playing ten hands at once instead of only one. Don't worry, it is still easy to keep track of with the very intuitive layout.

The goal of the game is to get the highest payout of coins possible. You do this by making standard poker hands, however, four of a kind and four Aces are the real goals here. Since you are playing ten hands at the same time, this becomes a much more achievable feat than traditional single hand video poker.

Aces and Faces Power Poker 10 video poker is a unique and fun style of online video poker.


There are no standard pokies paylines in Aces and Faces Poker, but it does follow the traditional scoring of five card poker. Each hand is played with a separate 52 card deck, which is shuffled automatically and electronically before each hand. The biggest paylines that you can get are four aces, and the second biggest are four of a kind of any other card.

Betting Range

There is a vast betting range for Aces and Faces Power Poker 10, and you can choose your own stakes. First of all, you choose the actual value of the coin, anywhere from AU$0.01 to AU$1.00. Then, you can choose how many coins you want to play per spin, from one to five. This makes for a very large betting range, anywhere from one cent a spin all the way to $5 a spin. All of these figures are per hand, meaning you can potentially be betting $50 a game if you are a high roller and would like to do that.


There are many hands that can payout a large coin win in Aces and Faces Power Poker 10, and they all align with standard winning poker hands. The max jackpot of 4,000 coins can be won only by betting five coins and hitting a Royal Flush. It is the best hand in the game and pays out 1000x.

After the Royal Flush, the best hand in the game is four Aces, which pays out 400 coins on a five coin bet. From there, the winners go as follows: Straight Flush, four jacks, kings or queens, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, and jacks or better.

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