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NetEnt’s Lost Temple online pokies game drops you in the depths of the jungle with nothing but five colourful reels and a spin button that can reveal lavish lost treasures.

As you explore the Lost Temple pokie, you will discover:

  • The extremely unique and entertaining Temple Steps bonus feature
  • A wide array of wagering options
  • Over 1,000 paylines that apply at all times

Anyone that grew up watching Indiana Jones or similar films has probably dreamed of exploring ancient jungle ruins in search of bountiful treasure. Now, thanks to the fine minds at NetEnt, you can do the same from the comfort of your own home in this high-paying pokie.

While ‘exploring the jungle for lost treasure’ is a pokie theme that probably dates back to the invention of slot games, it’s a classic that returns again and again for good reason. Even though the theme may not be 100% original one, NetEnt made sure to make up for it by adding in unique game facets such as the Temple Steps bonus feature.

NetEnt has been in the online gaming industry since 1996 when it sprung off of a Swedish land casino. This pioneer of online gaming grew steadily and is now a publicly traded company on the Swedish stock market. Currently offering over 100 online pokies in 24 different languages, the name ‘NetEnt’ is one of the industry’s gold standards.

Lost Temple Screenshots

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Game Features

Lost Temple’s graphics are exactly what you’d expect: a wild jungle background, symbols wrapped in jungle ivy, and an interface situated on top of a scroll made of old parchment. Even the Temple Steps bonus game coincides seamlessly with the theme, having you scale an ancient temple on your way to a golden statuette at the top.

This Temple Steps feature is the main bonus game in Lost Temple. We go into more detail below, but basically once the game is unlocked you take a shot at clicking different temple steps that are aligned in a pyramid shape. Finding a green arrow behind your selection advances you up the steps; a red one ends the game. Each level (even the starting level) rewards you with an increasing number of free games as a well as rewards multiplier based off of how far you made it up the temple.

Lost Temple also offers a great autospin feature, allowing you take a more hands-off and efficient approach to the game by spinning out 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 games automatically.

Stake Levels

Lost Temple has an array of options for the amount you can wager. First, you select your coin level from the amounts of .02, .05, .10, .25, or 1.00. Then, you can also select a bet multiplier from 1x through 5x. No matter your selection though, a minimum of 40 credits will be wagered, meaning your smallest bet can be 40 coins and the highest 200.

Lost Temple Symbols

Standard Symbols

Lost Temple has a large number of standard reel symbols compared to most pokies, with 11 in total. Each one pays for showing three-to-five times, and two symbols pay a small amount of coin for showing just twice. The symbols from lowest-paying to highest are 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, scorpions, snakes, jewels, coins, and finally the treasure chest, which pays out 2000 coins when it appears five times.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol here is hard to mistake, as it is simply a temple with the word ‘Bonus’ across the image. Showing two-to-four of these turns those specific reels into giant lock symbols. Those reels then remain frozen and the others are spun up to three times, unless you can manage to land more scatter symbols on the remainder and lock them as well. If that occurs on all five, then you have unlocked the Temple Steps bonus (read more below).

Wild Symbol

A blonde temple goddess is the Lost Temple’s Wild Symbol, and as is standard, she can substitute in for all other symbols (save for the temple bonus symbol). There is no special bonus for landing her a set number of times like in some other pokies.

Free Spins

Free spins come via the Temple Steps bonus feature (unlocked by getting a specific number of wilds to show in a set number of spins). Here you will be clicking at random on different temple ‘steps’, hoping for a green arrow that will move you on to the next level of steps.

Making it all the way to the temple relic at the top of the steps garners you 12 free games, which the result of is multiplied by eight (based off your initial bet). Even if you only make it to one of the first two levels before uncovering the dreaded arrow, you’ll still earn six free spins with your bet also being multiplied by 2x or 3x.

Bonus Game

The Temple Steps bonus game is one of the more unique and exciting bonus games we can remember playing on any pokies. The feature commences when you get wild symbols to ‘lock’ all five reels (read above in the Wild section for more details). Once this happens, you will see a screen of temple steps, with a row of 15 on the bottom, up through rows of 8, 3, 2, 2, and 2.

You’ll be prompted to first pick a step on the bottom row, and if the one you chose reveals a green arrow, you move on the next row, and so on. If it’s a red arrow, then the game ends, but you are still rewarded with the designated number of bonus spins and winnings multiplier for that level. These rewards start at six free games and 2x multiplier at the very bottom, up to 12 free games and a 12x multiplier for making it to the top of the temple.


The game’s standard jackpots are awarded when five treasure chests or temple bonus symbols show simultaneously. Accomplishing either of these gains you 2000 coins, and in the case of the bonus symbols, will have you on your way to unlocking a bonus feature that will earn you even further big winnings.


As it is an Adobe Flash game, Lost Temple is not yet supported on mobile smartphones, tablets, and similar devices.

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