Try Street Fighter II Pokie Free

Upon starting up Amaya's Street Fighter II pokies, you'll be greeted with the game's classic music along with a wave of nostalgia as you select which fighter you want to play as.

As you spin to win and try and defeat M. Bison, you'll encounter:

  • A bonus fighting game in which the outcome is determined by your spins
  • The ability to choose your own wild symbol
  • Bet multipliers up to 100x from showing scatter wilds

Amaya's Street Fighter II pokie looks so graphically similar to the original game that you might accidentally reach for an arcade joystick in front of you. Everything from the sound effects to the tiniest graphical details are true to the game, ensuring an experience all Street Fighter fans will love. To boot, the game has some unique bonus features, including a mode in which your character battles M. Bison, the outcome being determined by what symbols show on the reels.

Released in arcades in 1991, Capcom's Street Fighter II is credited with popularizing the fighting game genre as well as playing a big part in the resurgence of video arcades. By the mid-90s, Business Week estimated that over 25 million Americans had played the game in arcades, not to mention the additional millions that bought the game for their Super Nintendo home consoles. 

Headquartered in Canada, Amaya is a publicly traded online gambling and entertainment company. While their operations reach into online sportsbook, casinos, lotteries, and much more, they are equally well known for their high-quality online pokies and slots.

Street Fighter II Pokie Screenshots

  • Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter II

Game Features

Once you get that initial spike of nostalgia and choose your fighter (Ken, Ryu, Sagat, Chun Li, or Guile), you'll start spinning in an attempt to hit 25 different paylines across five reels.

The exciting Street Fighter Feature is activated when the symbol of your chosen fighter appears on reel two and your opponent, M. Bison, shows on reel four. The symbols will then change into fists, boots, fists and boots (together), and a star meaning that the character will perform their signature moves).

Actions that land on reel one are performed by your character, ones that land on five are performed by M. Bison, and the two will duel to the death while you earn bonus coins and spins along the way.

Stake Levels

The stake options in this pokie are ample and perfect for both high rollers and those on a tighter budget. Bets can be made in increments of .01-.05, .10, .15, .20, .25, .50, .75 and any amount from 1-20 coins.

Street Fighter II Pokie Symbols

Standard Symbols

The basic standard symbols include numbers 9 and 10; letters J, Q, K, and A; Chun Li's spiked bracelets, Dhalsim's skull necklace, Ryu's boxing gloves, and Vega's metal claw. Per usual, they all have different payouts (5000 coins being the highest possible) based on which one is showing and how many times.

Scatter Symbol

The game's scatter symbol is the Street Fighter II logo, which multiplies your bets for free. A bet is multiplied by 5x if it shows on three reels, 20x for four reels, and 100x for all five reels.

Wild Symbol

Which symbol is wild depends on the character you chose at the beginning of the game. This fighter (as well as M. Bison) can fill in or any other standard symbol in order to help create more payouts. Your fighter landing on reel two and M. Bison on wheel four activates the Street Fighter Feature which will earn you a plethora of bonuses.

Free Spins

Free spins are available within the Street Fighter Feature bonus game. Essentially you get as many spins as it takes for free (earning whatever prizes come your way during all this) until either your character or M. Bison is defeated.

Bonus Game

This pokie's bonus game is the same as its Wild bonus. And while it's a touch disappointing that they aren't separate features, the potential payouts and prizes you can earn more than make up for this.


The standard symbol jackpot is 5000 coins for showing five metal claws. Even higher payouts are available within the Street Fighter Feature game. 


Since it is a slightly older game that operates on Flash, Street Fighter II is not supported on mobile (unless you know a solid workaround).

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