Try Superman: The Last Son of Krypton Pokie Free

The Superman: The Last Son of Krypton online pokies is a graphically-intense Superman-themed pokie from Cryptologic.

While playing on top of a stylish Metropolis backdrop, you and the Man of Steel will uncover:

  • Many wild variations including morphing, expanding, and frozen varieties
  • Free spin bonuses giving you up to 10 freebies
  • Top paying jackpots up to 25,000 coins

Did we mention this Superman pokie is super gorgeous yet? While graphics admittedly can only take a game so far, the last thing you want in the middle of a long and successful pokies session is to become bored or even irritated by the interface you are staring at. Every detail of the graphics draws from its source material and the sound effects feel fitting as well. Fortunately, this pokie is more than just a pretty face. The game features three different and exciting wilds that earn you bonus coins, free spins, and other extra features.

While Superman has been an American and international global icon since the 1930s, the Last Son of Krypton story of Clark Kent is a relatively new one. Originally published in 1978, this pokie draws its inspiration from a novel written by Elliot S. Maggin. And if the story seems similar but you know you’ve never picked up this book, it’s possible you know it as the first three episodes of the Superman: The Animated Series cartoon show that ran in the late 1990s.

Cryptologic, a well-established online casino software company since 1995, is the creator of this great pokie. If that name is unfamiliar to you but this kind of quality slot seems familiar, know that Cryptologic is owned by Amaya, the world's biggest publicly listed online gambling company whose games you have likely enjoyed before.

Superman: The Last of Krypton Pokie Screenshots

  • Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
  • Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
  • Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
  • Superman: The Last Son of Krypton

Game Features

Booting up the Last Son of Krypton pokie transports you into a Metropolis downtown under attack by Superman’s adversaries. The game’s big, bold graphics and easy-to-read interface entice you to quickly make your first spin in hopes of hitting one of the games 25 paylines.

While the standard symbol and line payouts are all high quality, you’ll find yourself pulling to see the faces of Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, and the Superman logo showing when the reels stop. Each of these are different kinds of Wild symbols, earning you bonus spins, filling in where other symbols are needed to complete a payline, and also serving as bet multipliers.

If three or more Clark Kents end up showing on a single spin, they then change into the wild ‘S’ logo (in true Superman fashion) . All the standard paylines are paid first, and then any additional paylines that are completed with the addition of the new Superman logos get paid out.

Stake Levels

Before spinning, you can select and place your .01, .02, .05, .10, .25, .50, or 1.00 bet by using the toggling arrows at the bottom of the pokie.

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton Symbols

Standard Symbols

The symbols you’ll see most when you play The Last Son of Krypton are the four different kinds of Daily Planet newspaper clippings, two different Clark Kent images, Superman in his signature outfit, some shards of krypton, Lois Lane, and a Daily Planet statue. Like most pokies, these basic game symbols all pay out a little differently dependent upon how many times they appear and on what paylines.

Scatter Symbol

The game’s scatter symbol (called a ‘Morphing Wild’ in the game’s paytable) is a headshot of Clark Kent (not to be confused with the full body picture of Clark, which is just a normal game symbol). Get three or more of these Clarks to appear on one spin and they will all morph into the Superman logo wild, paying you out for hits from both your original spin and then any that occur post-morph.

Wild Symbol

The two ‘true’ wild symbols in this game (discounting the aforementioned Morphing scatter wild) are Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. Lois appears when Superman appears on reel one and her on reel five. You are then presented with a pick screen that will determine the number of free spins, multipliers, and wilds you get for said bonus spins.

Similarly, Lex Luthor’s Frozen Wild feature is activated when he is on reel five the same time Superman is on reel one. You’ll also pick one of five Lex symbols to determine how many free spins and multipliers you get for this bonus. Superman will then freeze up to three reels, converting them into expanding wilds for the duration of your bonus spins. 

Free Spins

As mentioned above, you can earn anywhere from three to 10 free spins by triggering the Lois Lane or Lex Luthor bonus features.

Bonus Game

There’s no true separate bonus game like in Amaya’s Superman pokie. However, the wild bonus features found in the Last Son of Krypton are pretty similar to what many other pokies tout as bonus games, and certainly offer some great bonuses to boot.


The max jackpot for five of a standard symbol (Clark Kent’s head) is 5000 coins when you bet 125 credits at $1. Show five wild Superman logos on the same bet amount and an insane 25,000 coins are yours.


Superman: The Last Son of Krypton pokies is not supported on the mobile platforms our reviewers had available. However, it’s possible with the advent of new technology that someday soon you’ll be able to play this exciting pokie on the go from your tablet or phone.

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