2018's Best Online Sports Betting Sites

Online Sports BettingBetting on sports is a very popular activity in Australia, and online sportsbooks are plentiful. Here we provide you with a ranked list of the highest quality online sports betting sites.

At these sites, you’ll find a range of sports on which you may wager, including those that are commonly enjoyed in Australia. You'll also find games, matches, races, and contests from other regions like Asia, Europe, and the US.

One of the most important factors when deciding which real money gambling site you should join is the selection of sports and online casino games that each site offers. This is why our reviews team has shortlisted those online casinos with the most comprehensive sports betting sections. Head straight to the overall top site for 2018, Sportsbet Casino, or take a look at the other recommended sites on this page.

Check our sports betting online reviews to find great features:

  • Major sporting events and leagues across football, rugby, tennis, horse, dog racing, and more
  • Wide range of betting types, from straight bets to complex wagers for experienced players
  • Wager on the outcome of live events or make your picks in advance.

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Popular Sports for Betting

What sports will you commonly find at the best sports betting sites Australia has to offer? You’ll be able to bet on Australian Football matches, National Rugby League games, Rugby Union games, soccer, and cricket. These are all commonly found at online sportsbooks that are available to Australian bettors.

You’ll also often be able to wager on golf, auto racing, cycling, tennis, boxing, MMA, and swimming. Basketball, baseball, football, and ice hockey may be offered. Games in North American leagues, including college and professional basketball and football, are usually available, alongside leagues focusing on these sports located in other parts of the world such as Europe, South America, and Asia.

As an example, along with the NBA, you may find that some professional Aus sports betting online websites include basketball games played in leagues in Australia, Japan, Europe, and Mexico. Another popular league is the WNBA, which is a US entity.

Soccer is often extensively covered. Sports bettors can often find bookmakers that offer action on some or all of the following foreign leagues, Barclays English Premier League, Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue (France), Serie A (Italy), MLS (USA), and La Liga (Spain).

Punters will find many online sports betting sites from which to choose. It's recommended that you look at an online betting guide and don't confine your betting to one book.

Sports Betting on the Tracks

Horse and Dog RacingAlthough race books are often considered to be separate from online sportsbooks, many top Australian betting websites feature thoroughbred, harness, and greyhound racing. Races at Australian tracks are always featured. Some sites will also include races held in some or all of the following countries or regions, the U.K., Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, various European countries, the U.S., and various South American countries.

Types of Bets

Sports bettors will find common wagers, such as point spreads, moneylines, and totals, available at all sportsbooks. You can also play runlines for baseball and pucklines for hockey. Three-way betting is available for certain sports.

Australian sports bettors love prop bets and exotics, and, depending on the book, you can enjoy a wide range of such. Props may include who will score first, winning margin, individual player totals, exact score, and others. You can play parlays, reverse bets, teasers, and pleasers too. Single sport and mixed sport parlays are available.

One type of betting you won’t find at Australian online sports betting sites is a live sports bet. Australia does not allow live betting online. To place a wager on a game that is being played, the punter must do so using a telephone.

Earning the Best Bonus

Bonuses and PromotionsAustralian online sports bettors can enjoy healthy initial deposit and reload bonuses at just about every online book. Plus, there are often rewards, such as a free bet for first using the sportsbook’s mobile site or for wagering the first time on horseracing. Other promotions you may find include refunds on certain bets made and lost on horse races; special bonuses for wagering on soccer, the NFL, or other select sports; and cash back on an amount of your weekly or monthly losses.

Sports bettors may also have access to contests for specific sports, such as fantasy leagues, betting pools, and draws. If, along with making sports bets, you like casino table games, slots, video poker, and/or poker, then chances are you’ll find various sportsbooks that offer these types of opportunities at associated websites. Often the book’s online casino and poker room will offer additional promotions and/or bonuses.

Plenty of Australian Sports Action

Australian Sports ActionProfessional sports betting online is alive and well in Australia. Punters will find that they have many quality online sports betting sites from which to choose. It’s recommended that you don’t confine your betting to one book.

If you’re an active sports bettor who is looking for value, then having accounts at various bookies and sport betting sites will give you the optimum opportunity to secure the best deals on vig, spreads, and online betting offers, bonuses and promotions. Be a smart punter, educate yourself on the Australian sports betting scene and make wise choices as far as joining online betting sites that fit your interests, meet the demands of your bankroll, and offer the finest deals.

Making Mobile Bets

As an added convenience, players can do most of their sports bets from mobile devices like phones and tablets at Australian sports betting sites. Depending on the site and the device that you use, you might be able to access a range of betting options using an app or by going to the mobile site of the online sportsbook.

For people that like to bet on sports, this is a quick and easy way to do so. No matter where you are, you can just open your phone and place bets on all of the top events. It does not matter if your device operates on Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone – there is a site that can take your sports betting action.


iPhoneA number of Australian sports betting sites support casino games and sports betting for the iPhone, and the device performs well for online gambling. For many of the best sports betting sites online, you will be able to place your bets through the HTML5 version of the mobile site, but there are some that offer an app for iOS.


iPadThe different versions of the iPad can be great for betting on casino games and for placing bets on your favourite sporting events. With a good site, you will have an easy to understand user interface and placing bets will be nice and easy.


AndroidSeveral online casinos have developed apps for Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy and the Sony Xperia. As an additional point, you can also connect through your browser to bet on all of the most popular sporting events.


TabletFor some tablets, you might have the option of using a mobile app for sports betting, but all of the top online sportsbooks have an HTML5 version for access through the mobile browser. Fans of sports betting are covered regardless of whether they use the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Fire tablet, or a device like the Windows Surface Pro.

Windows Phone & Blackberry

Windows PhoneBlackberryWhile they might be a little less common, the Windows Phone devices perform well for online gambling of all sorts. The same is true with BlackBerry, and models like the Leap and Passport. The betting is very simple through the browser on these phones, and the device performs well on many of the top sports betting websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is online sports betting legal in Australia?

    Absolutely, you can enjoy fully regulated and legal online betting in Australia, providing you are over the age of 18. There are a number of licensed sites available where you can place sports bets, but you will be required to provide evidence of your age upon sign up with the bookmaker as the site is legally bound to verify you are old enough to participate.

  • How does it work?

    You can place a wager or a bet on any sporting event or activity, prior to the game starting. In-play betting is not permitted within Australian licensed sports sites, so you must place your bet before the event begins for it to count if you're using a domestic site. The same does not apply for offshore sports betting sites however for which live in-play betting is entirely permitted. The site will offer odds on the outcome of various scenarios such as first goal scorer in a soccer game, or which team will win. The amount you bet, and which bets you choose to make are entirely up to you.

  • What types are popular in Aus?

    Every type of sporting event can be bet on in Australia, from European football to American baseball. The most popular types of sports betting online for Aussies however tend to be Horse Racing, Aussie Rules, Rugby League and Union, as well as tennis, cricket and soccer.

  • Can it be profitable?

    Like any type of gambling there is an element of risk involved. It is possible to make a profit if your bets are successful but your winnings are dependent on your stake and the odds offered, and there are no guarantees you will win.

  • How do the odds work?

    The odds are calculated by the betting site themselves, so you might find odds on the same bet vary from one site to another. The key difference with real money sports betting, versus say casino gambling, is that the odds are estimated because the outcome of a game can never truly be predicted. Australian sports sites also favor the decimal odds system of betting commonly used throughout Europe.

  • How much should I bet?

    This is entirely down to your discretion. Most sites will permit you to set your own limits, but it's important to remember that you are dealing with real money, so only bet what you can afford to potentially lose.

  • What sites are best?

    If you're unsure which sites to use than we highly recommend you check out our list of Best Australian Online Sports Betting sites. Our team constantly review and comprehensively check each site that makes it onto this list to ensure they're legitimate, legal, and most importantly safe to use.

  • What is a sports betting line?

    Line betting typically occurs in games with only two possible outcomes. The purpose is to make the odds more equal by imposing a 'line' or a margin that has to be reached by one team. A typical line bet would be something to the effect of Team A to beat Team B by 10 points or more. It is usually used when one team is considered superior to its competitor.

  • Do systems and strategies work?

    There are no guaranteed formulas for winning so enlisting a system or strategy will not automatically mean you will always place a winning bet. While bookkeepers and punters can estimate the probability of an outcome, the nature of sports means the outcome of an event can never be 100% certain.

  • Are winnings taxable?

    Currently Australian citizens do not have to pay tax on gambling winnings as any profits from gambling are considered a product of luck and not income.

  • Is it safe?

    Providing you use a legitimate licensed and regulated online sports betting site (see our Best Australian Sports Betting Sites list) then yes online sports betting is entirely safe.

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