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Guide, FAQ & Casino Glossary

Australian online casinos are enjoying explosive popularity with players, and thousands of Aussies signing up for a gamble online each and every day. As this market continues to grow, so does the number of people looking for information about internet gambling.

Our extensive guides including this FAQ & Glossary will equip even the most novice gambler with all of the knowledge they need to successfully - and profitably - navigate the world of Australian online casinos.

Are Australian Online Casinos Legal?

The legality of online casinos in Australia is a topic discussed by many, but actually understood by only a few. Let's take a brief walk through some background on gambling in Australia before breaking down the current legal situation for online gamblers from down under.

History of Gambling in Australia

Australia has been home to various forms of gambling activity since the 1800s, with horse racing serving as the primary wagering outlet for Australians for most of the nineteenth century. Racing declined somewhat over the next few decades as the lottery, bingo halls and other betting formats captured the popular imagination. The 1950s ushered in the era of legal pokies in Australia, with over 1100 clubs providing a total exceeding 7000 machines only three years after regulation passed.

In the years that followed, the Australian government became more and more involved in the various gambling industries operating in the country. This partnership between government and industry peaked in the 1990s with the introduction of several new legal casinos in states across Australia.

Changes in Australian Gambling Legislation

As land-based gambling continued to expand in Australia, online gambling also gained significant traction. The popularity of online casino games - including roulette, poker and the always appealing pokies - led the Australian government to pass the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001. The act does not make it a crime for Australians to place bets at online casinos or online poker rooms. Instead, the IGA is focused exclusively on companies that operate illegally in Australia. As the law has no force outside of Australia, and it essentially prohibits companies located in Australia from offering online gambling to Australians.

Current Legislative Developments in Australia

There appears to be significant momentum in the Australian government for some loosening of the IGA at a point in the near future. Specifically, legislators seem intent on liberalizing regulations to allow in-play betting on sports events and to generally relax rules regarding what betting products operators can offer to Australians.

The Future of Australian Online Casino Legislation

With a number of prominent companies swooping into the Australian market over the last few quarters, it does appear as if the talk of effectively repealing the IGA is more than just simple rumour. While rewriting gambling law can be a lengthy and complicated process, Australia nonetheless seems poised to soon enter an era of more sensible regulations regarding online casinos, online poker rooms and online gambling in general.

Online Casino Banking for Australian Players

Once you understand the facts regarding online gambling law in Australia, many other aspects of online casino play become far easier to understand. Let's discuss common questions gamblers have about getting started at an Australian online casino.

Can I Legally Deposit at an Online Casino?

Yes. As Australians are not breaking any law by playing casino games online, depositing to play such games is also a non-issue. In fact, Australians have one of the broadest arrays of options for making deposits and withdrawals at online gambling sites, including major credit cards, all of the premier gambling wallets (such as Skrill, UKash and Neteller) and direct bank transfer.

Do I Have to Pay Tax on my Winnings?

Good news here for Australian online gamblers: Generally speaking, For wins of any reasonable amount you'll always want to double-check with a professional, but the standard position of the tax authorities when it comes to gambling-related income is that normal income tax laws do not apply.

Can I Gamble Online Using AUD?

Yes, with a caveat. Almost every casino in the world will accept your deposit in AUD, but not all sites offer games in the currency. Instead, when you join a game the casino converts your money into Euros or US dollars, and then converts the funds back into AUD when you finish play. While a handful of casinos may offer some games in AUD, they are the exception and not the rule.

Can Australian Players Get a Welcome Bonus?

Absolutely. Australia is one of the hottest, most sought-after gambling markets in the global online gambling industry. That means players from Australia enjoy some of the best bonuses and promotions - especially casino welcome bonuses - of players from any country in the world.

What are Online Casino VIP Rewards?

VIP rewards at an online casino work just like comps at a land-based casino. The casino tracks your play and rewards you with different status levels that can be exchanged for a variety of perks - including cash bonuses. Our reviews all address the ins and outs of the VIP rewards programs at every gambling site we feature.

Is it Safe to Make Deposits and Withdrawals at Online Casinos in Australia?

Generally, yes, Any transaction that you perform online has some element of risk, but if you hew to the top-tier casinos and follow a few common-sense procedures for securing your accounts, you should face no more risk from financial transactions at online casinos serving Australian players than you would buying a pair of pants from a major retailer online.

Australian Online Casino Games Overview

As valued players, Australians have a massive selection of online casino games at their disposal - a selection that includes everything from favoured classics to the very latest technology.

What Games Can I Find as an Australian Casino Player?

If an online casino game exists, you can likely find it as an Australian player. Poker, blackjack, roulette, pokies, video poker, live dealer games, pai gow, sic bo, skill games, sports betting - you name it, you can probably bet on it from Australia.

Can I Play Casino Games on My Mobile or Tablet

A few years ago, the answer to this question would have been no. Let's face it - a few years ago, we didn't even have tablets like the iPad yet. Now such devices are everywhere, and casinos haven't missed out on this fact. Major gambling sites offer their games for every popular platform out there, including your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Kindle tablet and so on. In short: If there isn't a casino compatible with your mobile or tablet, you might be the one who should consider an upgrade.

Do all Online Casinos Offer the Same Games?

No. While some casinos have very similar offerings, and all casinos share some of the basic gambling games (like craps), each individual gaming platform generally has a unique set of games and offer their own versions of pokies and other favourites.

What are Table Games?

The distinction is somewhat meaningless when you're talking about online casinos, but table games (such as blackjack) came to be known as such literally because they were played on tables. The term is generally used to distinguish such games from other areas of the casinos, such as the slots, the sports book, the poker room, and so on.

Which Casino Games Offer the Best Odds?

Games like blackjack, craps and certain video poker machines are generally considered to offer the best return on your money. However, the sharp gambler can find an advantage in several games thanks to the generous promotions that are offered to Australians by gambling sites.

Security and Support at Online Casinos for Australians

Security has no doubt been a concern for gamblers right from the very first bet. Online gambling may seem to present unique concerns regarding security, but its really the same old worries players have always had about casinos with a modern twist.

What Security Systems Exist in Online Casinos?

In the early days of online gambling, the industry definitely had a loose approach to regulation, and therefore a loose approach to security. Those days and attitudes have become a thing of the past as multinational corporations have come to occupy a dominant position in the industry. Online casino software is now subject to rigorous and regular testing by third-party labs, and all industry participants must submit to additional layers of scrutiny by regulatory and governmental bodies.

How do I Know the Casino I am Playing at is Fair?

Legitimate online casinos will make the details of their software and gaming system audits readily available to the public. If you have further questions, you should be able to easily contact the regulatory body that oversees a particular website, who will be able to provide you with complete details regarding the processes and safeguards a casino must have in place to maintain their license.

Will I have an Australian Number to Call for Support?

Almost always - or you'll have a free alternative if a direct number isn't available. Australia is a major market that commands attention and resources from major online casinos.

Is Support Available for Australian Casino Players 24/7?

Absolutely. Whether by phone, live chat or email, you should never have to wait more than a few minutes to speak directly with a support representative at an online casino.

Online Casino Glossary

Casinos are often confusing places for the uninitiated but the good news is that you can quickly pick up the vocabulary that you need in order to understand the games and sound like a seasoned player. Here is a list of must-learn casino vocabulary, in alphabetical order, to give you a solid starting point. Some of these terms only apply to certain games but most of them should be considered general knowledge for anybody that's serious about casino gambling.

  • Ante
    In card games, a bet required to receive cards.
  • Banker
    The dealer in card games - sometimes the player can take the banker position.
  • Bankroll
    The total amount of money that a player has set aside for gambling.
  • Bet
    A wager.
  • Card Counting
    A blackjack strategy used to predict upcoming cards.
  • Chip
    Round plastic disk used to represent a set monetary value.
  • Cut
    When a player divides a recently shuffled deck of cards in half and puts the bottom half on top of the other, preceding a new round of play.
  • Deal
    The process of giving new cards to players in a card game.
  • Deposit
    Payment made to an online casino to fund a real money bankroll.
  • Dice
    In craps, cubes with numbers ranging from 1-6 on the different faces.
  • Doubling Down
    A blackjack move where a player's wager is doubled and then that player receives exactly one more card.
  • Edge
    A statistical advantage.
  • Even Money Bet
    A bet with 1:1 odds.
  • Face Cards
    Jack, Queen, King.
  • Flash Software
    Casino software that can be played without installing a program.
  • Hand
    The cards that a player is holding.
  • Hard Hand
    In blackjack, any hand that doesn't contain an Ace.
  • High Roller
    A player that makes large bets on a regular basis.
  • House
    The casino.
  • Inside Bets
    High variance roulette bets in which a player bets on one (or a few) specific numbers.
  • Jackpot
    A particularly large payout.
  • Jacks or Better
    A very popular video poker variety.
  • Outside Bets
    Roulette bets with 1:1 payouts.
  • Paint
    Slang term for face cards.
  • Payline
    In pokies, a line across which symbols must appear to be considered part of the same winning combination.
  • Payout Percentage
    The expected amount that a casino game will payout, relative to the amount wagered. Calculated by subtracting the house edge from 100%.
  • Payout Table
    A diagram that accompanies a pokies machine to explain the value of each winning combination.
  • Progressive Jackpot
    A jackpot which grows larger as players unsuccessfully play to win it.
  • RNG
    Random Number Generator; used to provide randomness in online casinos and determine the results of virtual dice, roulette wheels, and decks of cards.
  • Royal Flush
    An Ace-high straight flush. The best hand of cards according to traditional rankings.
  • Scatter Symbol
    In pokies, a symbol which can payout if it appears a sufficient number of times on the screen, regardless of its position on the paylines.
  • Soft Hand
    In blackjack, any hand that contains an Ace.
  • Tournament
    A competition in which players compete against each other in hopes of winning top prizes by being among the final remaining players.
  • Welcome Bonus
    A bonus paid to new players, usually corresponding to their first deposits.
  • Wild Card
    A card that can represent any other card to result in a winning hand.
  • Wild Symbol
    In pokies games, any symbol that can represent any other symbol, to result in a winning hand.

There will always be more to learn and no casino glossary can capture all of the slang that you'll find at different casinos. If you know all of the words on this page, though, you will be in a great position to get started and, as time passes, you will surely learn all of the slang that you could ever need!

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