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Tablet has worked hard to determine which real money online tablet casinos are the best. Many online casinos offer players the chance to enjoy online casino tablet gaming on their iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Nexus, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, or other such device. Chances are if an online casino offers access to their games through your cellular phone that they also provide such services via your tablet.

At, we’ve found that there are a lot of opportunities for online casino tablet players to play the latest pokies, card and table games, and video poker machines. Currently, we have rated Slotomania as the best online casino tablet site. Our criteria for ranking real cash online tablet casinos are extensive. Some of the aspects that we consider in developing our list of the best casino tablet sites include:

  • Safety and security of player information and transactions
  • Game choice, bonuses, and special promotions
  • Game and software quality and simplicity of site navigation

Popular Tablets Currently Available

Many people are extremely interested in enjoying their favourite online casino on their tablet. has found that online casino tablet gambling continues to grow across the world. Because there’s a lot of real money to be made through casino tablet gaming we recognise that the increasing competition for tablet players has resulted in online casinos working to improve their tablet offerings. Such efforts benefit both players and online casinos. What follows are reviews of four of the most popular tablets by


iPadThe Apple iPad was one of the very first tablet devices released to consumers back in 2010, and it’s still a well-known device today. It started in the original 10” format that most people know, but is offered as a more compact iPad Mini today, as well as a more slender iPad Air. Each of the devices is known for having a stunning display with enough detail to enjoy the most beautiful casino games. iPad devices are built for graphics above all else, and have plenty of performance power to produce smooth images and to run most games. Since iPad devices are so popular most casinos offer iPad specific apps to players with the devices, and players can experience instant content through the built-in Safari web browser. No matter what type of casino gaming you want to do, there is likely an iPad device that fits your needs well.

Kindle Fire

Kindle FireBecause the Kindle Fire, which was first put on the market in 2011, is an Android device, you may think that you’ll find a wide variety of casino apps associated with this product. But this is not true. Although the Kindle Fire can be used to access many of the instant-play casinos through its Silk Browser, there are no gambling apps for players to use. That fact limits a player’s possibilities when it comes to accessing online casinos with your Kindle Fire. However, those online tablet casinos that may be played on the Kindle Fire play smoothly and without interruption, offer solid graphics and sound, and are easy to navigate.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung GalaxyAnother Android-based tablet, the Samsung Galaxy, has created a lot of interest amongst those who enjoy online casino tablet gambling. Of course, you don’t have to gamble with real money when you play on your tablet. Just about all online tablet casinos offer play money games. The Samsung Galaxy interfaces well with instant-play online casinos, plus there are numerous online tablet casino gambling apps available, and there’s the ability to play using your device’s browser. This means that casino games are widely available via the Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy offers four different models, which include the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The Galaxy E is the most basic version of this tablet while the S2 is the most advanced. Needless to say you get the best picture and sound, fastest and most seamless play, and quickest navigation using the S2.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft SurfaceThe Microsoft Surface, which was introduced in 2012, allows online tablet casino gamblers to connect to a large number of sites. The Widows-based tablet can easily access Flash instant-play or HTML5 casinos via its web browser. One drawback for some online casino players involves the lack of gaming apps that have been developed for the Microsoft Surface. Not all models provide cellular connectivity either, but all Microsoft Surface devices do allow users to access online casinos through their Wi-Fi connection. The Microsoft Surface Pro is the top of the line, providing players with the fastest processing, most storage, and best animation and sound. Overall, the Microsoft Surface offers those who enjoy online casino tablet gambling rich colors, flawless play, and top-notch features. You can enjoy your favourite slots, including progressives, most popular table and card games, and most exciting video poker machines on your Microsoft Surface.

Google Nexus

Google NexusFor many online casino tablet gamblers, the Google Nexus, which is an Android-based tablet, is the right choice. Introduced in 2012, the Google Nexus caught on quickly, and due to that fact many casino apps have been developed for it. Players who spend a lot of time gambling on their casino tablet find that this particular device is very dependable and versatile. There are three generations of the Google Nexus, which include the Nexus 7, Nexus 9, and Nexus 10. The top model, the Nexus 10, is tough to beat, as it is extremely light and streamlined, has exceptional power, and offers a large amount of storage. If you like first-rate performance in an online casino tablet, then the Goggle Nexus is a good choice for you.

Casino Tablet Gambling Safety and Security knows that one of the primary concerns for online casino tablet players is security. This is a major issue for those players who decide to entrust their wagering cash to that online entity. Another major issue revolves around safety, in that online tablet casino players want to know that their personal information is safe and away from intrusive eyes. To make sure that you are playing at an online tablet casino that has a solid record for safety and security check out the casinos on this page. Each has been tested and vetted and found to be safe and secure. When you play at your favourite online tablet casino make an effort to protect your personal information by only engaging in wagering or any such business via a secure Wi-Fi connection.

What To Play on Your Tablet

Most online tablet casinos offer players a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting and playing casino games. At your tablet casino, you’ll have access to the biggest real money mobile pokies and video poker games, including progressives, table games such as roulette and craps, and card games, including baccarat and blackjack. Plus, you will probably find video poker machines, scratch tickets, and Live Dealer games at some tablet casinos.

Please be advised by that the types and number of games and pokies that you can access on your tablet will vary depending on a few factors, including the type of tablet that you use and which online casino at which you play. Most online casinos are constantly working towards expanding and improving their mobile device and tablet online casino coverage.

When you play at your favourite online tablet casino make an effort to protect your personal information by only engaging in wagering or any such business via a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Online Tablet Casino Gambling’s Future

It’s clear to that tablet gaming is a major part of the online casino landscape and that it should continue to expand. We expect in the next few years that millions more will be playing on their tablets. Whether you own an iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus or Windows-based Microsoft Surface, you’ll be able to enjoy online tablet casino play no matter where you might be.

At, we have considered many different factors when it comes to deciding which sites best serve online tablet casino gamblers. Our list of tablet sites provides players with connections to great online casinos at which they can play. In the next few years, look for the numbers and kinds of tablets available to grow quickly and for the number of casino tablet sites to also expand.


  • Can I play at online casinos on a tablet?

    Yes, many online casinos allow tablet as well as mobile device play. Before attempting to engage in tablet gambling navigate to your online casino and check out their page on tablet and/or mobile play. There you’ll learn how to go about enjoying your online casino’s tablet offerings.

  • What tablets are compatible?

    Tablet compatibility depends on your online casino and their software as well as your tablet. Some sites accommodate a wide range or tablets, while others are available only on a limited number of models. This is also true for tablets, as some can connect easily with many different online casinos, while others are severely limited as to the number of sites that they can access. The most popular tablets for online casino play are the Android-based Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, and Google Nexus 10; the Windows based Microsoft Surface Pro, and the iOS driven iPad.

  • Where can I find the best tablet sites? has taken the time and made the effort to assess a large number of online casinos and their tablet offerings. After making our assessment, we have developed a list of the top tablet casinos. Please take some time to review this list and go to the casinos on it to check out their sites and to see how they may work with your tablet.

  • Should I play using a site or app?

    Whether you play via the casino’s online site or an app depends on a few things. The first is what does the online casino make available to you? They may not offer an app, but rather they may only offer an instant-play version of their website. That means you’ll be playing through your browser. If they do provide an app be sure to check out how it interfaces with your tablet. App play has its advantages, including the fact that if the app does work with your tablet then you should experience superior performance.

  • Will data or Wi-Fi use affect play?

    As long as your connection is strong, neither should affect play. However, Wi-Fi does not use any data, and, therefore, is overall potentially cheaper. However, if you do use Wi-Fi in order to insure your safety make sure that the connection is password protected and secure.

  • How does play compare to other platforms?

    Playing at your online casino on your tablet usually compares well to playing on other platforms. Overall, the experience is similar to what you’ll have using your phone; however tablet play can be more engaging as the larger screen makes play more vivid, and it’s also easier to access and manipulate game controls on your tablet.

  • Are they safe to play on?

    Yes, tablets are safe to play on as long as they utilise anti-virus software and the Wi-Fi connection that you use is password protected. Take proper precautions when playing at an online casino on your tablet.

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