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VIPEvery casino likes to reward its most dedicated players and most do this with a comprehensive VIP programme. Being designated as a VIP provides players with unparalleled customer service, while offering perks that simply aren't available any other way. Hitting this top level as a player is a good goal to shoot for, and comes with more than enough benefits at most casinos to really feel worthwhile once achieved.

We try to locate the casinos with the best VIP casino rewards and make them available to players interested in going all the way. If you plan on becoming a high roller and making it to VIP status it's worth searching for the most VIP friendly casinos of the bunch, and we can help. Take a look at our list of recommendations, or else head straight to our reviews team's #1 site, Slotomania

Major Perks of Being a High Roller

Each of the casino sites that we recommend offers an impressive VIP programme with everything listed below.

  • Excellent customer service with a dedicated representative to answer any questions
  • Increased loyalty points for faster reward generation
  • Exclusive perks, rewards and surprises for players
  • Faster withdrawals

Playing at a VIP casino as one of the top players comes with a lot of advantages that make the experience even more enjoyable. Not only will you have access to exclusive tournaments and high-limit games that other players simply don't qualify for, but you'll also get some exclusive rewards, and qualify for special events that other people won't even know about.

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It's common for casino loyalty rewards to be allotted to any players that spend time at the same casino regularly, but those rewards aren't on the same level as what is offered to the site's actual high roller VIPs. These are the guys betting the most and playing most often. Each casino has a different definition about who is a VIP, but once you achieve that status level you'll enjoy a bunch of perks that you may never have experienced before. You'll experience a higher level of customer support and will likely be assigned a permanent contact to deal with when you want questions answered or requests met.

VIP casino rewards can even include lavish vacations, 5-star hotel accommodations and other things that you simply wouldn't have access to as a standard loyalty member. Those are the perks that you get for being a top member of a casino, and it's why so many players work hard to get up the ranks for access to the uppermost perks.

Reaching VIP Status

Reaching VIP StatusGetting to the VIP status level is different at each of the several online VIP casino options. With most, you'll have to bet a specific amount of money to be able to reach the level, but at others you simply have to deposit a certain amount of money to hit the level. Either way you should be aware of what it takes to hit the top tier at the casino, because being a VIP is pretty awesome. As a top member of the casino loyalty rewards programme you'll enjoy special perks and advantages over your fellow players. It's a real edge that you can use to succeed, and it's a status that you want to achieve as soon as you can.

Maintaining your Status

Maintaining your VIP Status

When you hit the top level at a high roller online casino one month, it doesn't mean that you will keep the status forever. Many casino loyalty rewards programmes only recognise VIP status for a month and then you must qualify again come the next month. Meaning top players have to continue playing regularly to hold onto that status and enjoy all the perks that come with it.

The Best Online High Roller Casino

the bestOur team works hard to identify the best casinos to be a high roller at. We take a look at the different perks that come from being at the top of the loyalty programme, and all of the many different special events that top players get access to. Each of the recommended high roller online casino options listed have excellent VIP programmes for the players involved and are well worth being involved with.

When picking a casino to play at, make sure that you look for a top notch VIP programme. It will have the rewards and perks that you seek, and will provide the best experience for you as you hit the top level and become a serious VIP.

Spin Loyalty Club Point Chart

Loyalty Tiers Blue Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Prive
Entry Points None 5,000 25,000 75,000 1,000,000 2,500,000
Maintenance points None 2,500 12,500 37,000 50,000 125,000
Bonus Points None 25 per cent 50 per cent 75 per cent 80 per cent 80 per cent
Exclusive Tournament Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Casino Bonuses €500 €1,000 €2,000 €5,000 €7,500 €10,000 and up
VIP Manager No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive competition and promotion access None None Yes Yes Yes Yes


  • What are VIP Casinos?

    VIP casinos are gaming locations that offer special treatment and perks to players that reach a VIP ranking. These casinos will offer increased loyalty points and prizes to VIP players.

  • How does it compare with regular play?

    VIP casinos are very similar to regular casinos but they offer some added games and opportunities to the highly rated players. Many of the games are offered at higher stakes with a lower number of players having access to them.

  • What games are available?

    Standard table games are the most common to be given special VIP status. The top players can participate in secluded tournaments and high-stakes Poker games, or other similar games that are offered for lower stakes to all the rest of the players at the casino.

  • How do I qualify?

    To qualify as a VIP player at one of these casinos you simply have to wager a certain amount of money or make a large enough deposit into your account. These are the only real requirements that most casinos have for players to reach VIP status. If you are dedicated enough and you play with enough money it’s likely that you will reach VIP status eventually.

  • Do I need to prove eligibility?

    You do not need to prove that you are eligible to become a VIP at the casino because the system will mark you as a VIP after you’ve completed the necessary requirements. This often means that after you bet a certain amount of money on your account it is upgraded to a VIP account automatically.

  • What bonuses are on offer?

    Most casinos offer standard bonuses like increased rates of collected loyalty points along with less ordinary rewards such as special trips, exclusive tournaments and special events for just VIPs to attend.

  • Can VIP games be trusted?

    VIP games can be trusted just as much as the standard games at the casino. They are protected by the same level of security and any reputable casino will take the time to ensure that players can gamble safely.

  • What payment and withdrawal method is recommended?

    When playing with a large amount of money and making higher withdrawals it’s important to use a reputable service that doesn’t have too many restrictions on the total amount that you can withdraw in a day. It’s often best to go with a standard bank transfer when withdrawing a large sum of money. When dealing with smaller sums services like PayPal, Stripe or some other eWallet service works just fine.

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