Lewis Hamilton

FA champ Lewis Hamilton fell foul of Sky City’s dress code this week by wearing dark glasses and a cap. He later criticised the casino for making him remove them. (Image: AFP)

Lewis Hamilton has been forced to remove a critical tweet he posted about the SkyCity casino in Auckland.

The British F1 champion was in New Zealand on down time while he prepares for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. The Melbourne race opens the 2016-17 Formula One season.

Hamilton posted a scathing “review” of the SkyCity casino after spending an evening there this week. The 31-year-old tweeted:

“Don’t ever go to the sky city casino in Auckland, they treated me like dirt. Can’t believe how rude they were. Worst casino experience ever!”

Apparently, the racing driver was asked to remove his standard uniform of a black cap and sunglasses when enjoying some high-stakes action in the casino. Despite the star power of their guest, a keen casino visitor over the years, Hamilton was violating casino regulations and staff insisted he conform to the rules.

The angry tweet was subsequently removed from Hamilton’s account, but not before it was spread by the world’s media in that way that celebrity tweets tend to be spread around – like wildfire.

More Selfie Trouble For Hamilton

Hamilton won the Formula One Championship last season, his third, but he’s not immune to some high-profile nights on the town.

Hamilton found himself in hot water after allegedly taking a selfie while enjoying a motorbike ride around Auckland. He later posted the video on his Snapchat account, and police reviewed the footage to see if the driver had broken NZ law.

“Auckland City Police will be taking no further action in relation to recent media publicity about Lewis Hamilton and his motorcycle journey in Auckland,” the local police said in a statement. It is against the law to use a mobile phone in New Zealand while driving. 

Hamilton goes into the Australian Grand Prix looking to kick off a potential fourth Championship. His handlers will be hoping he doesn’t get into similar trouble in Melbourne as in 2010 when he was charged $500 for doing stunts outside Melbourne’s racing circuit. The driver pleaded guilty to “improper use of a motor vehicle” and later apologised publicly.

Snapchat Slams For Airlines

Selfies seem to be a big thing for the driving legend. A day after Hamilton’s run-in with staff at Sky City, he posted a series of bizarre videos to his Snapchat account.

During a domestic flight from Auckland to Queenstown, Hamilton appeared to film his fellow passengers, some of whom were Asian.

“So we don’t know where we’re going, we think we’re going to one place but we might be going to China cos there are a lot of Chinese people on this flight,” he said to the camera. Hamilton also apparently made sarcastic comments about the quality of the plane he was “forced” to fly in.

“Man, I’m loving these commercial flights, we’re flying in economy, yep, that’s how we do. Saving so much money. I’m loving it,” he said in another Snapchat video.
British racing fans will hope that Hamilton saves some of that trademark arrogance for the track this season. Aussie online bookmakers make the Brit a firm 1.80 favourite to win in Melbourne this weekend. Hamilton is a virtually unbackable 1.45 odds-on chance to win the Drivers Championship, with Nico Rosberg a distant 4.33 and Sebasitan Vettel a 6.00 shot.

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