A recent announcement from Crown Limited has many employees nervous, as up to 50 jobs could be cut in the Melbourne area in positions such as administration, marketing and back-of-house for the casino there.

Spokesman for Crown Limited  Gary O’Neil  put a slightly different spin on it by saying that “while these reviews are still ongoing, any reduction in positions is currently expected to be less than 50, which represents less than 0.8 per cent of Crown’s employees in Melbourne.”

Job Cuts Would Be Felt

The Crown Melbourne is currently responsible for employing close to 8,800 Aussies in Victoria, while  an additional 5,600 are on the payroll at the Crown Perth Casino, making Crown Limited an important component of both local economies.

Yet while 0.8 percent is favorable odds when calculating the chances of any loss, this is likely to be little comfort to those who rely on the income provided by their Crown Limited employment, especially when it’s yet to be announced which specific jobs will be eliminated. As is often the case, those lower down the chain are subject to the whims of the fat cats reaping the big bucks.

Many other big companies have also announced job cuts in the Melbourne area. Ford Motor Company recently projected  job cuts of 1,200 over the next three years due to closing its Melbourne operations.  GlaxoSmithKline foresees the loss of 120 positions at the pharmaceutical company , while banking giant AZN  expects 70 job losses due to outsourcing to New Zealand.  Those who face cuts could well find themselves competing against a high number of other jobseekers.

Those unfortunate enough to be in the 0.8 percent who lose their livelihood will certainly feel let down by the firm they have given their blood, sweat and tears to over the years.

Looking into the future, the horizon isn’t all gloomy for Crown Limited though; chief executive officer James Packer is currently in competition with Echo Entertainment Group to win the rights to build a new casino in the Sydney Harbor area, so more employment opportunities from the firm could be in the pipeline if all goes well.

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