50 Lions pokies whisks you away on a virtual safari tour of Africa, evoking the magnificent sunbaked landscapes where the Big Five roam. No chance of seeing any boomers here, though!

  • Nature-themed five-reel online video pokies with 50 paylines.
  • Heaps of opportunities for free spins and random bankroll-boosting rewards.
  • Special diamond symbol transforms into stacked Wilds when triggered.

If you're looking for bigger betting options and bigger payouts, no other Aristocrat game delivers more than 50 Lions pokies. The online casino game features 50 paylines and several bonus games, set in a realistic African safari - all from the comforts of home.

Try 50 Lions Pokie Free

It is worth noting that as 50 Lions is an Aristocrat game, you won't be able to play it for real cash in Australia. This is due to the game provider restricting real cash access to players currently in Aus.

But don't worry, you still have access to plenty of other pokies at top online casinos such as Spin Palace, who focuses on bringing its players a huge selection of top real cash pokie games.

  • 50 Lions
  • 50 Lions
  • 50 Lions
  • 50 Lions

Game Details

In terms of rewarding online pokies games in Australia, it doesn't get much more ferocious than this. 50 Lions is the ultimate 50-payline online pokies game. With a maximum bet of 4 credits per line, you can wager up to 200 credits in one single spin. This is Aristocrat's most rewarding online pokie games to date in terms of payline payouts. It's also one of the most fun. You'll feel like you're in the middle of an African safari as you go searching for lions, zebras, giraffes, lions, and so much more.

50 Lions whisks you away on a virtual safari tour of Africa, evoking the magnificent sunbaked landscapes where the Big Five roam.

50 Lions Paylines

Most other pokies games, both by other online casino providers and by Aristocrat, feature between 20 and 40 paylines, with the most common payline online pokies coming in at 25. It's rare to see a 50-payline at an Australian online casino, but 50 Lions delivers it with a punch. The abundance of paylines means that there are way more winning combinations possible than at lower payline games. In our testing, we hit matching symbols quite frequently when playing all 50 paylines. However, dropping paylines to half yielded less favorable results than playing the max number of paylines at 25-payline online pokies machines. Our results are in no way scientific, but we thought it was worth noting.

The Betting Ranges

It's not just the paylines that you can vary in 50 Lions. This Aussie online pokies game lets you wager anywhere from 0.01 credits per line all the way up to an impressive 4 credits per line. That means if you play the max number of paylines, you can wager all the way up to 200 credits per spin. That's one of the biggest bet-per-spin pokies we've seen in Australian online casinos, so if you're a high roller, this one is worth playing.

Fun & Fast Bonus Games

There are a couple of bonus games that make 50 Lions one online pokies game worth playing. First, there's the 10 free games that are easily earned. If you land on three or more flower icons, the spins are yours. Free spins are exactly what they sound like. You get to spin without risking any of your own money. And the free spins happen at whatever dollar value you triggered the bonus round with. You can also retrigger the bonus round within the bonus round—an extremely nice feature that makes the game all the more lucrative.

Hitting The Jackpot

There's no progressive jackpot in 50 Lions pokie games, but you can win up to 4,000 credits in one spin. And you've also got a chance to double your winnings - instantly. We mentioned two bonus games. In addition to the one above, the other bonus game that Aussie pokies online players will love is the gamble feature. It really makes you feel like you've hit the jackpot - no matter how little you may have won. After every win, you can choose to spin again or gamble your winnings. It's basically a winner-take-all match where you pick the colour of the dealer's card. If you're right, you win double. If you're wrong, you lose your winnings. And the Aussie online casino game also hands you more payouts if you can guess the suit of the card.

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