Try Chilli Gold Pokie Free

Chilli Gold is a corker of an online pokies game that’s guaranteed to get your time online going off. This spicy poker machine is set in a Mexico, where each spin could be your chance to win a red-hot payout.

  • Five-reel online pokies fun with 40 different paylines you can win money from.
  • Earn up to 21 free spins when hitting the Wild Bonus Chilli symbol.
  • Fiery bonus mini-game unleashed when you trigger the Chilli Gold feature.

If you're planning on playing Chilli Gold for real cash then we've got some bad news for you. Sadly, Australians won't be able to play this pokie for Australian Dollars as Aristocrat does not allow Aussies to play their games for real money online.

Fortunately, we have an alternative for Aussies. Spin Palace offers up a brilliant selection of pokies that can be played for real cash.

Chilli Gold online pokies is an Aristocrat online slot machine that puts you in the middle of the Mexican desert with rewards that are hotter than the desert itself. If you're into great music and easy-on-the-eyes graphics while you play, Chilli Gold delivers in a big way.

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  • Chilli Gold
  • Chilli Gold
  • Chilli Gold

Game Details

When you enter the online pokies game, you'll feel like you're in the middle of Mexico - or at least a Mexican-themed Australian online pokies game. Chilli Gold features awesome Mexican music and great symbols like maracas, birds, donkeys, and spicy peppers. You'll also want to keep your eyes open for the spicy gold chilli symbols because they could be your ticket to a red-hot payout. There's a lot to love about Chilli Gold, plus a few things you might not love. It all depends on the type of Australian online pokies you're used to playing. Read on for more.

Keep your eyes open for the spicy gold chilli symbols because they could be your ticket to a red-hot payout.

Hot, Hot Paylines

If you love staying in control of your betting line selections, you're not going to love Chilli Gold, to be honest. While the game has 40 paylines, you're required to play all 40 of them. In other online pokies games for Australians, you're able to choose anywhere between the minimum and the max (that's usually anywhere from one payline to as many as 50). But with Chilli Gold, you're stuck with all 40. That having been said, any real Australian online pokies player is going to want to play the max anyway, especially in games where bonus rounds or jackpots depend on playing the max.

Betting Ranges

Where Chilli Gold fails on payline control, it makes up for it in betting ranges. You can bet anywhere from 0.01 credits to 1.0 credits. And then you can choose between one and 5 credits per line. Note that the number of credits you bet is actually per line, not per spin. So a 1.0 credit bet will cost you 40 credits if you bet 1 credit per line, and 200 credits if you bet 5 credits per line. If you're new to Australian online pokies, this is how it usually works across the board so don't be concerned. Just make sure you understand how betting works before you sit down to play Chilli Gold.

Bonus Games

In keeping with the game's thing to spice things up, Chilli Gold unleashes a very hot bonus game. The online pokies game includes a Wild Bonus chilli symbol. Hit any six of the symbols and you'll earn three free games. And as you hit more symbols, the number of free games awarded climbs. In fact, you can earn as many as 21 free games by landing on 12 Wild Bonus chilli symbols. As you enter the Chilli Gold bonus game, you can sit back and watch what happens. The games are free and the software takes care of doing the spinning for you. All you need to do is sit back and watch the credits add up.

Chilli Jackpots

If you're used to playing Australian online pokies games with big jackpots, you might be a little disappointed when you sit down to play Chilli Gold. There's no progressive jackpot to waiting to be popped in this one, but that doesn't mean there isn't huge opportunity to score something big when you least expect it. The nice thing about Chilli Gold is the bonus round. Unlike a lot of other online pokies in Australia casinos, Chilli Gold includes a bonus retriggering feature. That means when you're playing a bonus game, you can actually retrigger another bonus round within the bonus round. Not bad at all.

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