PowerPoker - Aces and Faces

PowerPoker - Aces and Faces Review

Video poker titles are some well-loved games at Australian online casinos. A mix of skill and pure luck, players can enjoy a rapid-fire gambling experience that rewards them with generous payouts when they strike a winning combination. PowerPoker - Aces and Faces delivers the complete package, with special gameplay rules that give Aussie players an edge over the dealer.

Overall Rating: 7/10
Fun Factor9/10
Coin Sizes7/10
Bonus Games7/10
  • PowerPoker - Aces and Faces
  • PowerPoker - Aces and Faces
  • PowerPoker - Aces and Faces
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PowerPoker - Aces and Faces is an innovative twist on the usual video poker games you’ll find on Australian online casinos. This Microgaming title lets you play up to 100 hands at the same time and doesn’t make use of wildcards, making it a fast-paced and thrilling alternative to standard games. In fact, lucky players can win a fantastic jackpot worth up to 4,000 credits when they hit a royal flush on their screen.

PowerPoker - Aces and Faces Details

This video poker game by Microgaming offer significantly higher payouts that similar titles you’ll find on Australian casinos online. PowerPoker - Aces and Faces is ideal for players looking for a huge payout as it offers lucrative jackpots when landing four Aces or royalty cards. The lowest ranking winning hand is a pair of Jacks and from there on, the potential payout increases with higher ranking hands, topping out at an extraordinary 4,000 coin jackpot when hitting a royal flush.

PowerPoker - Aces and Faces Gameplay

Just like any video poker game on any Australian online casino, the player competes against the computer by holding and discarding cards and forming paying five-card poker hands dealt from a standard 52-card deck. There are four chances to win and up to 100 hands in play at any time, giving Ozzie players the opportunity to win the top jackpot of 4,000 credits. Thanks to power poker rules, players enjoy better odds of winning each time they play Power Poker - Aces and Faces.

Betting Ranges

Oz players of PowerPoker - Aces and Faces have a choice of chips that range from 0.25 credits to 5 credits in value. You can get started with just 0.25 credits, and wagers can go up to a maximum of 100 credits for a shot at the highest jackpot you can win on this Aussie video poker game.

PowerPoker - Aces and Faces is ideal for players looking for a huge payout as it offers lucrative jackpots when landing four Aces or royalty cards.

Game Features

PowerPoker - Aces and Faces has a nice classic feel to it. The graphics are clean and simple; they do not distract from the action happening in front of you, as hundreds of poker card combinations lock in place and bring you ever closer to the next payout. Besides playing video poker, whenever you land a winning combination on PowerPoker - Aces and Faces, you’ll have the chance to play a bonus round called “Double or Nothing”. Oz players have just one shot to double their winnings instantly, or lose everything. After clicking Yes, the dealer will turn one card face up and deal four cards face down. Click on any one of the four cards you think is higher than the dealer’s and then click Draw to reveal it. If it beats the dealer’s card you’ll automatically double your original payout.

PowerPoker - Aces and Faces Payouts

You can win up to 4000 credits if you hit a royal flush in PowerPoker - Aces and Faces. This Australian online casino game pays royal flushes 800 times the original amount wagered with payout multiples progressive decreases the lower the rank value of the poker hand you form on screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is It?

    Aces and Faces is like a video poker game – but powered up. It allows you to play up to 100 hands simultaneously – giving you more chances at bigger payouts, more often. 

  • Is It Popular?

    Thanks to the enticingly large jackpots the game offers, and the high-speed nature of the gameplay, the game has a cheerful and devoted following.

  • How To Play Aces And Faces?

    It’s a simple game, but there is a little logic to it. You play against the computer and you try to beat its hand by collecting the best 5 cards out of the single deck. You decide which cards to throw away and which to keep. Brush up on your strategy before playing to greatly increase your likelihood of winning. This is where the free to play versions of the game come in handy. You can practise all you like, before taking the plunge and laying down real cash bets.

  • How Does It Compare To Other Video Poker Games?

    It’s similar to other video poker games, however if you want to, you can play up to 100 hands all at once. That means that you have 100 more chances to beat the deal and walk away with the jackpot of your dreams.

  • How Much Can I Win?

    If you are lucky enough to hit a royal flush, then jackpots can reach as high as 4,000 credits.

  • Where Can I Play?

    PowerPoker – Aces and Faces is available to play online. You can use this page to discover free play versions for practise and fun. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, then you can also take a look at the real money games.

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