Random Number Generators – What They Are and How They Benefit You

A random number generator is a computer software device that is programmed to generate a selection of numbers that have no pattern and appear to be random. Casinos use these to manage their online games.

Random Number Generator


How a Random Number Generator Works

How a Random Number Generator WorksAn equation is entered into the program so that a finite selection of numbers are made available for the computer to randomly pick and use. It has been argued that no computer-based random number generator can actually generate true random numbers because it needs to be told what boundaries for selection it has.

However, for the purpose of casinos and their games where random numbers can be chosen from within a selected boundary then the randomness achieved is effective for the purpose it is used. This formula used is called an algorithm.

How Do They Protect Players?

ProtectThe need for them at casinos came about as a method to protect players but also to maintain the integrity of the casinos themselves. For example, in a game of roulette, the random nature is the basis of the game. If there is a sequence of results being repeated then the results can be manipulated by players aware of this pattern. Random number generators prevent the players from being at risk of playing games that are being manipulated by fellow players or even by the casino itself.

Types of Random Number Generators

There are two main types and these can be split into either Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNG) or True Random Number Generators (TRNG). The PRNG-generated sequences are deemed to not be truly random because it is determined by a small set of values. These are called the seed of the PRNG and are used in situations where the speed of number generation is paramount and are therefore used by casinos. The TRNG are a hardware-based random number generator that generate random numbers from a physical process.

Examples of Random Number Generators

The algorithms used when it comes to PRNG include Blum Blum Shub, Wichmann-Hill, and Linear feedback shift register. Examples of companies that produce the TRNG include Araneus Alea, Entropy Key, Intel RdRand instruction, and TectroLabs.

Casino Random Number Generators

The way they work at casinos depends on the game they are being used for. For example, if the random number generator is installed into a roulette game online then the algorithm will include information such as all the potential outs that can occur and the PRNG will then randomly select one of those outcomes. The same goes for blackjack. The algorithm will be given a set of data that consists of the outcomes possible for each card dealt. The card then dealt is the result of the PRNG random selection.

However, random number generators are not just based online. Random number generators in casinos exist in the form of slot machines. The algorithm in the slot machine will consist of all the potential options that can occur on each spin. Every sequence and potential outcome will be calculated and input as data and the PRNG will then randomly select one of these to choose the outcome.

Random number generators prevent the players from being at risk of playing games that are being manipulated.

Who Audits Random Number Generators?

They are audited as part of independent audits that casinos both online and land-based undergo. Casinos often arrange for independent auditors to carry out a full audit on their games so that they can publicly display that their games fulfil independent audit criteria so that there are no concerns about how fair the games they are playing at the casino are.

The certificates of approval from independent auditors allow the casino to show that it is trustworthy, reliable, and fair. These independent auditors, as part of their overall audit of the casino, will audit the random number generators installed on the games. The independent auditors will check to make sure that the random number generators are in full working order and not manipulating the outcomes and taking advantage of the players.

The Importance of Random Number Generators

They can technically be considered as the brains of the casino games. They never stop working so long as the games are functioning and without the random number generators installed the casino games would be impossible to play fairly because a pattern would be easily identifiable. On every spin and every turn, the random number generators calculate the outcomes and use the parameters given to randomly select one of those outcomes and that will then produce the random results that the players see at the tables and machines in the casino.

That is why random number generators are such a key component of casino games both in the online and land-based markets and their importance cannot be overstated. They guarantee fairness to the highest level that can be achieved with computer software in the time limit they are given using the technology currently available.

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