3 Card Poker Multi-hand Gold

3 Card Poker Multi-hand Gold Review

The number of online poker games has exploded over the years, yet there are still heaps of new titles being launched that offer players a whole new level of game. 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold combines the simplicity of three-card poker with the potential of winning five payouts in one round. Keep reading to hear what we think of this awesome Aussie game of online casino poker.

Overall Rating: 8/10
Fun Factor8/10
Coin Sizes7/10
Bonus Games6/10
  • 3 Card Poker Multi-hand Gold
  • 3 Card Poker Multi-hand Gold
  • 3 Card Poker Multi-hand Gold
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We all know how exciting a single 3-card poker hand can be, so imagine what happens if you multiply that by five! Microgaming’s 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold does just that, giving Aussie players the chance to wager on up to five different hands and earn real money payouts from each one.

3 Card Poker Multi-hand Gold Details

3 Card Poker Multi-hand GoldPoker players in Australia are in for a treat as they don’t have to worry about keeping up with five separate games happening on five different tables. Forget about switching windows at every turn or squinting to see what’s happening on the felt: thanks to Microgaming’s ingenuity you can play as five players, be dealt fifteen cards, and have your options laid out in one place. If you’re at all familiar with card distribution rates, just think about the opportunity in store for you when you can wager with fifteen cards staring right back at you!

3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold Gameplay

When playing 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold you’re in control of how many hands will be dealt in each round. On the table there are five betting areas and you simply place your ante on as many hands as you’re willing to wager on. Each hand you play can be played as is, or you can access the Pair Plus functionality as well. You can even play Ante and Pair Plus together if you want! It’s rare to see an Ozzie online casino poker game offering this level of flexibility. After you make your wagers and click Deal, you’ll receive three cards face up on each betting area you placed money on, while the dealer gets three cards face down. You can fold or continue to play independently on each hand you have. When the betting is over, the dealer’s cards are revealed and you’ll earn a payout for every hand that ranks higher in value than the dealer’s.

Betting Ranges

Aussie players of 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold can choose their chips from those ranging from 1 credit to 200 credits. With the minimum bet being set at 1 credit and the top level being 400 credits, we found that both low-rollers & high-rollers can thrive at this online poker classic.

We all know how exciting a single 3-card poker hand can be, so imagine what happens if you multiply that by five!

Game Features

The game uses the classic 52-card deck, and as can be expected from Microgaming titles, boasts realistic graphics and sound effects which make you feel like you’re really sitting in a posh poker room surrounded by the excited chatter of other players. The game interface of 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold is as simple and intuitive as they get on an Australian online casino, and you can easily manage the amount wagered and the number of hands you have in play throughout the game.

3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold Payouts

With the chanve of winning up to 1600 credits in one hand, it's easy to see why 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold is so popular. This Australian online casino game pays out 30 times and 40 times the wagered amount on 3 of a kind and straight flushes respectively when played using the Pair Plus functionality. A straight hand pays six times, a flush four times while a pair pays out the same amount you wagered. The payout for Ante bonus is five times for straight flushes, four times for a 3 of a kind, while straights pay the amount wagered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is It?

    3-Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold allows you to bet on five hands at the same time, increasing your game time and your profits! No need to have different windows open, now you can have all of your simultaneous games in the same page. 

  • How Does It Compare To Standard Poker?

    Unlike standard poker, you are only playing to beat the dealer’s hand, much like video poker. You are able to play 2 different games in the same page - either “Pair Plus” and “Ante”. You have the choice of playing these one at a time, or, more excitingly, all at the same time. Multi play suits gamers who have the expertise and the attention span to focus on many simultaneous games at once. It’s truly an exhilarating way to test your mettle in the casino, and potentially double, triple or even quadruple your winning speed.

  • What Are The Odds Like?

    You can expect a payout of up to 30 times your original wager if you land a three of a kind, or 40 times the amount you bet if you are lucky enough to hit a straight flush. It is possible to win up to 1600 credits in only one round, thanks to the multi-card layout of the game. The exact house edge varies from around 3% to 7%, depending on which game you play and which strategy you use.

  • Do I Play Against Others?

    This Australian game is a single player game where you attempt to beat the dealer.

  • How Much Can Be Won?

    The highest possible amount that can be won in one round is 1600 credits. A hand with a straight flush in this game pays out 40 times the amount wagered. 

  • How Do I Start Playing?

    If you’d like to start playing right away, first you’ll need to make an account. This enables you to make deposits and collect your winnings. Follow the link to the Multi Hand Gold and click “play now” button. There you can enter in your personal details and select your preferred payment option. Next, all you need to do is enter into a game and you are ready to start placing bets!

  • What Casinos Can I Play At?

    There are many amazing casinos that you can play at, with minimum fuss. You can find the best of them easily just by following the links on this page. That will take you straight to our preferred casinos that have an excellent reputation for providing secure, reliable and compelling games.

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