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Aliens Touch is the newest of Net Entertainment's awesome branded online pokies. In a partnership with 20th Century Fox, they take you on a wild adventure far away from your home planet. You get to play as one of the space marines on a mission to planet LV-426 to find out if there are any aliens or human survivors. In this 5 reel, 3 row and 15 payline pokies machine, you'll find 3D graphics, 3 different levels, Wilds and Wild substitutions, re-spins and collectible multipliers. Your goal is to reach the Queen Hive, and you have to take out any aliens that you encounter along the way.

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Prepare to be blown away by the Aliens Touch pokie. Net Entertainment brings online branded pokies to a new level with this game, literally. It has 3 levels and way more fun and entertainment than a classic mobile pokie can bring. You experience the game through the point of view of a space marine, with realistic 3D graphics and a wild and spooky space soundtrack. You will recognize familiar scenes and characters from the Aliens movie, but it will feel like you are in the scene instead of watching it. Even if you are playing from an online app, you will be amazed at the realistic nature of this pokies game.

In the first level, The Search, your goal is to fill in the Alien Activity Meter with the highest amount of multipliers. This sets the stage for some massive wins in the next level. Level 2 is called The Encounter, and if you achieve a symbol overlay, you are guaranteed to win! If you make it to the third level, The Hive, you will win 5 re-spins, and you can destroy the Queen Hive with just a single grenade! Other apps simply cannot compare to this online pokie.

You will recognize familiar scenes and characters from the Aliens movie, but it will feel like you are in the scene instead of watching it.

Aliens was a desktop game before Net Ent and 20th Century Fox decided to turn it into an online Pokie, available by computer, mobile device or apps. Because there are three levels that you can play through, it is more like a video game than any other online pokie out there. Each level offers its own blend of video game and pokies features such as bonus rounds, bonus games and more. You can play on a computer, smartphone or tablet and still get the same high level tension and excitement from this pokie. No matter how you play, online or in an app, you can accomplish your mission of destroying the Queen Hive and taking down any Aliens that get in your way.

This game was released 35 years after the original movie, so the graphics have really improved from video games at the time when the movie was released. Alien games back then were 2D and about as exciting as Mario Bros. Now, you get the very best 3D graphics and the ability to play from anywhere. You can adjust all of the settings in the game including bets, spin settings, sound effects, pay tables, and more.

The Alien Activity Meter is one of the most important features of the game. It is located prominently across the top of the display. The Alien Activity Meter triggers your three-stage bonus round, which is where you get to play the video game feature of the pokie. If you succeed in getting the Alien Activity Meter to level 9, you get to go alien hunting!

Aliens Touch features a super thrilling bonus round. When you reach the bonus round, take a look at your Alien Activity Meter and you'll notice that each notch on the meter represents an individual alien. You have to kill all of these aliens if you want to reach the Queen Hive. You get to spin the reels every time you kill an alien, increasing your chances to win each time. These wins are progressive and they accumulate until you reach the end of the bonus round. Keep an eye on your ammo, because just like real money, you only have a limited supply and every time you shoot at an alien it goes down. If you run out of ammo, you are pretty much out of luck. This leaves you defenseless and you will be overrun by aliens in no time, so make sure not to waste your ammo!


Aliens touch has 15 real cash paylines for you to select from. Just like in classic online pokies games, you can choose how many lines you want to play at a time. You can either play the max lines and always spin for all 15 paylines, or you can pick and choose which you want to bet on. It is wisest to go for the max number of paylines simply because this increases your chances to win real money significantly.

Betting Range

The betting range for Aliens Touch ranges from 1 cent to 1 dollar per coin. You can bet real cash coins ranging from .15 to 150, and the max win is 570 coins, giving this a maximum payout of 85,500 in real money! You can see that this game really does pay off if you get a few lucky spins and are skilled at shooting aliens. There is no scatter symbol in this pokie, but you can win free spins, Wilds and multiplying wilds. It's easy to win real money playing Aliens Touch, while at the same time getting some super exciting and thrilling game play that you won't find in any other app or pokie!


In Aliens Touch, payments work the same as they do in all other online pokies games. Based on the values of your winning spins along with the bonuses you win during the video game bonus rounds, your winnings are calculated in coin values and in real money. When you spin for an individual win, you must line up either 3, 4 or 5 symbols on an individual payline in order to win. The winnings are calculated based on your winning spin, and added together to form your total at the end of the game. Make sure you don't stop playing before you hit Level 3, because that is where you really get the best chance to win huge real money prizes by destroying the Queen Hive.


Aliens Touch does not disappoint with a huge jackpot of 570,000 coins. This is a massive jackpot and you can really win some real cash if you spin it while on the max bet. If you bet the maximum of $1 per coin, you will win $570,000 instantly! When you play Aliens Touch, you will be on the lookout for aliens as well as huge real money prizes around every corner. Don't miss your opportunity to win big with the most exciting Net Ent online pokie yet!

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