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Foxin Wins is a recent addition to the line up of Next Generation pokies developer. It is in the classic pokies style with 5 reels and 25 paylines, but the theme of the game and the 3D animation quality make it uniquely fun and thrilling to play. You have a huge opportunity to win real cash playing this game, with the fox himself acting as a regularly appearing wild card on the screen.

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In this game, the setting is the luxurious mansion of a very wealthy fox. When you win big, you might see the fox himself run out on to your screen with a big pot of gold and gleefully toss the gold coins around! The fox's enemy is the leprechaun, who also makes an appearance and inspires the pot of gold in the scatter symbol. The fox himself is the most important symbol in the 5 reels because he is the wild card and can significantly increase your chance of winning on one of 25 paylines.

The story line and the 3D illustrations and animations found in this game are truly unique. Who else but NexGen would come up with such an original idea for a real money pokies game? The image quality is great and really adds another level of class to the game play experience.

The symbols in this game are all based around the fox and his riches. It features the fox himself, a Gold Fountain, Red Drophead Car, Bank Notes, and the Mansion.

The story line and the 3D illustrations and animations found in this game are truly unique.

Not only does Foxin Wins look great, it has plenty of ways for you to win real cash, whether you play on a computer or smartphone. You can access this game from casino apps or from a mobile browser if you are using a mobile device, or you can play online. You have the option of trying the game out for free, so that you can practice or just see how you like it, or you can go ahead and start playing for real cash. With a 2,000 coin bonus and plenty of bonus options and ways to win, this is a great real money game for beginners or for experienced pokies players!

It is very easy to get started playing Foxin Wins. All you need to do is set your bet amount, choose the number of lines you want to play, and then choose the amount per line, which is the dollar amount of the coins you are betting. Every time you spin, you will get the maximum real money prize for as many lines as you bet on. This can add up fast if you start to hit wild cards and bonuses! You also have the option of auto playing anywhere from 5 up to 100 spins. Just set the auto spin button, hit go and watch your winnings pile up! This is especially fun to do when playing on mobile apps.


Foxin Wins has 25 paylines to choose from. IN some real money pokies, you do not have the option of choosing your paylines or how many you want to bet on per spin. Foxin Wins gives you that control, so you can always increase or decrease the amount you bet per spin by choosing more or less paylines to bet on. The amount you win and your free wins depend on the combination of how many paylines you choose to bet on, how much money you assign to each coin, and how many coins you bet per line. Keep in mind that your coin amount is per line, so when you bet on 5 lines you are paying out 5 times as much as when you bet on 1 line. It is smart to bet on all 25 lines for every spin though, because it really increases your chances of winning big.

Betting Range

Foxin Wins is a game that you can either start playing with real cash right away, or try out for free first. You can bet anywhere from $.01 to $2.00 per coin, and there is no minimum on the amount of coins you bet with. You can choose the number of lines you want to play on for each spin, anywhere between 1 and 25 lines. Most players, whether on a mobile app or computer, find the best strategy is to play a smaller coin amount on the maximum number of lines. That way, you are getting the maximum chance of winning in every spin, but not blowing through your bankroll too quickly. The bet amount is up to you to decide.


Payments in this pokie work the same as any other classic pokies game. You need to line up 3 symbols in a row, going from left to right. The configuration can change depending on any of the 25 pay lines, so even if the symbols done line up in an exact row there is still a good chance that you will win. This is especially true with all of the bonuses and wilds that are offered in this game! The fox wild symbol comes up almost constantly. The wild symbol can be used for any other symbol, so as you can see it really increases your chances. If you see 5 wilds line up in a row, you hit the jackpot!


Foxin Wins' jackpot is not quite as large as some other pokes at 2,000 coins, but don't let that deter you! You can win real cash in one of many ways playing this game. A lot of times on the games with super high jackpots, you won't find many bonus features. That is not the case with Foxin Wins, which has plenty of bonus, scatter and wild options.

The most common bonus is the wild card. The fox is the symbol for the wild card, and he shows up very frequently. You can also add fox pups to turn symbols wild. If you play Super Bet, you add more fox pups to the screen in order to add more wilds and increase the chance of winning a huge real money prize. Super Bet increases your bet with each option, so make sure you keep an eye on your bet level when you play it.

If you hit 3 or more pots of gold with the scatter symbol, you will trigger a bonus game. Bonus games have 10 spins that come along with a two times multiplier. That is only one of the many bonus options in this real money pokie. There are also two randomly activated bonuses that you can come across. The first is Foxy Funds, which can be triggered after you have any winning spin. This bonus is simple – it adds additional real cash winnings on top of what you spun. The second additional bonus is called Leprechaun Shakedown. This takes you to a separate screen, where you pick a leprechaun and shake him town in order to take his gold.

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