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Lady of Fortune is a thrilling pokie for anyone looking to win real cash in online pokies machines. It is themed around a mysterious fortunetelling woman who appears in the bonus rounds. You know you have reached your chance to win big when the fortune teller stands up and offers you a choice of 3 of her crystal balls. This pokie has 5 reels and 15 paylines, with a maximum payout of a massive 11,250 coins. This is considered a medium variance pokie machine. This means it is good for both low and high rollers. You can bet as little as .01 per coin and one coin at a time if you want to take it slow. The house edge on this real cash pokie is only 4.21%. One of the best features is that you can play either on a desktop full download version, or on a mobile version that you can play from your smartphone or mobile device. It woks just like an app. You can even try the game out for free before committing to any real money betting.

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Lady of the Fortune is a very atmospheric and well designed pokie. You are greeted by the fortune teller herself, who is always waiting to offer you her crystal balls. The game comes with 15 paylines to chose from, or you can play all 15 paylines at once if you want to increase your chances of winning significantly This online pokie takes the classic approach to pokies gaming. You have 5 reels and 3 lines, and if you line up 3, 4 or 5 symbols from Left to Right or from Right to Left, you win real cash prizes. The amount of your winnings depends on which symbols you line up, how many coins you bet, and the price you set per coin. You can also select the max bet button, which will automatically choose the maximum amount allowed for each bet. This means that if you win, you will win the maximum amount possible!

Lady of Fortune has a number of unique bonus features that work toward earning you tons of real cash prizes. The best feature is that wins can go in either direction. This means that unlike in normal pokies machines where you have to line up symbols from left to right, you can also line up symbols from right to left in Lady of Fortune and still win! As long as you line up 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbol, you will win. You can also win if the three middle reels have the same symbol, no matter if they are in a line or not. You don't even have to buy additional paylines to get this feature! These bonuses are what set Lady of Fortune aside fro mother Vegas style casino pokies games.

Lady of Fortune has a number of unique bonus features that work toward earning you tons of real cash prizes.

When you hit the bonus round in this game, you get to meet the lady of fortune herself. She appears seemingly out of nowhere in order to offer you her crystal balls. She will present three crystal balls and it is your job to choose the best one. This is called a “pick a prize bonus round” and is a common feature in online pokies apps. You gain access to the pick a prize bonus round when you spin three Lady of Fortune scatter symbols. After you choose your crystal ball, the prize amount will appear on your screen. The amounts are awarded randomly, but they can reach up to 150x your bet so you want to make sure you are betting the maximum when you hit the bonus round!

This mysterious and enticing online pokies app is so easy to play, and can be accessed from anywhere though mobile apps. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you are just seconds away from this pokie anywhere that you have wifi or cellular service. Apps are a great choice for playing online pokies because you can pass the time anywhere, whether you are at home or not, and win real cash prizes while doing it!

You can also use the auto play feature if you want to simply relax and watch your earnings increase. It's easy, all you have to do is set your bet amount, select the number of rounds to auto play, and watch the winnings pile up! Just make sure that you are OK with the amount you want to bet, and don't bet the max unless you are comfortable. Your chances of winning big are huge when you bet the max bet amount, but you can also end up spending more than you bargained for.


Lady of Fortune has a classic 15 paylines to choose from. You can win big on any one of these paylines, so it pays off to bet on all 15 each time you spin. If you want to decrease your bet amount by betting on less paylines, you can pick and choose which ones you want to select before spinning. As long as you line up between 3 and 5 symbols, either going left to right or right to left, on the paylines you select, you will win cash prizes. Some pokies have far more paylines, up to 50 per game, but they likely do not have all of the great bonus features you will find in Lady of the Fortune, such as the pick your prize bonus round or being able to win right to left as well as left to right.

Betting Range

Lady of Fortune has an impressive betting range since it is a medium variance game. There are 3 factors affecting your total bet per spin. First, your coin value. This is the numerical real cash value of each coin that you place as a bet. The betting starts at a mere 1 cent per spin, and goes up to 25 cents. Next, consider your coins that you bet per spin. You can bet 1 coin or up to 5 coins per spin. Finally, you need to select how many paylines to bet on. The minimum is 1 and the maximum is the full 15 paylines. Your minimum dollar amount per spin would be 1 cent if you choose only 1 payline, 1 coin and 1 penny per coin, making this game a real bargain! You can also select the bet max button,which will give you 5 coins at 25 cents each for all 15 paylines. This means that if you win real money on a max bet spin, you really win big! You can also use the auto spin feature in order to pre set a bet amount and let the machine do the work for you. Just hit the autopay button and then click stop when you are done. It's really as easy as that!


Lady of Fortune handles payments in the same exact way as all other online pokies games. Your winnings are calculated based on each symbols' individual value and multiplied by how many you line up per payline. You can line up either 3, 4 or 5 of a symbol and win real cash. You can also win with 2X, 3X, 4X or 5X multipliers. This multiplies your win when they substitute for one of the symbols. If you line up 3 fortune telling women, you will enter the pick your prize bonus round. Wild cards pay out the maximum per spin. This means that if you could use the wild card for a lower value, it will automatically surpass the lower value symbols and win on the higher value. Here are the individual values for each symbol that you could win with. They are all related to fortune telling in that they are all classic symbols of luck and magic:

  • Lucky Number 7
    3 = 50
    4 = 250
    5 = 2500
  • 4 Leaf Clover
    3 = 30
    4 = 150
    5 = 1000
  • Lucky Golden Horseshoe
    3 = 20
    4 = 100
    5 = 500
  • Shooting Star Amulet
    3 = 10
    4 = 50
    5 = 250
  • Rabbit's Foot
    3 = 5
    4 = 25
    5 = 125
  • Ladybug
    3 = 4
    4 = 20
    5 = 100
  • Classic Dice
    3 = 3
    4 = 15
    5 = 75


Lady of Fortune has a formidable jackpot at 11,250 coins. This can win you over $280,000 if you make the lucky spin! Whenever you play Lady of Fortune, you can expect big winnings even if you don't hit the jackpot. This game is loaded with awesome bonus features, cool 3D graphics and some of the nicest atmosphere you will find in any pokies app. So go ahead and play the mobile or download version if you want to start winning today!

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