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Net Entertainment has just come out with the newest addition to their wildly popular South Park online pokie partnership. South Park Reel Chaos is the sequel to their South Park video pokie, and features all of the South Park kids fighting against an evil superhero, Professor Chaos. Butters is featured as Professor chaos himself, and Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny take you on an adventure through Stacked Wilds, Multipliers, Multiplying Re-Spins, Overlay Wilds and Running Bonus Spins! The game also features 4 mini-features that lead to the biggest confrontation with Chaos - the Epic Bonus Spins round. Every time you defeat an enemy, a bet line multiplier increases, which gives you up to 4 times the winnings. If you defeat all of the bad guys, you will be rewarded with a Victory Bonus! Best of all, you can play this pokie from anywhere. It is available in mobile apps, a downloadable desktop game or online from any smartphone or laptop. You can even play for free before deciding to bet real money on your spins.

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Net Ent did a great job with this successor to the original South Park pokies game. The game is super accurate when it comes to staying faithful to South Park graphics, music and design elements, but it still manages to come up with an original and fun story line for players to follow. The graphics, even down to the smallest letter, match the South Park series exactly. In the game, you will find your favorite trouble maker fourth graders disguised as their super hero alter egos, including Butters as the villain Professor Chaos. The object of the game is to beat Professor Chaos and stack up as many wins as you can!

One of the reasons why this online pokie is so popular is because it has so many paylines to win on. South Park Reel Chaos features 20 paylines, a large number compared with many other online pokies out there. This means that you have 20 chances to win – If you line up 3, 4 or 5 symbols on any of the 20 paylines, you score real cash. The rules are the same whether you are playing on a mobile app on your smartphone or on a computer or laptop. The amount you win depends on the values of the symbols you line up, and they must line up from the Left side of the screen to the Right. So for example, if you line up 4 Kyle on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4, you win!

The best part of this pokie is the huge number of bonus features and mini features that it offers. First of all you have the Wild card. Wild symbols can appear on any real at any time in the main game, as well as in Stan's Multiplying Re-Spin. Wilds substitute for all other symbols, except for Bonuses. They will always substitute for the highest possible value of any winning combination on the screen, no matter which payline they fall on. The three Wilds are the light bulb, the scratch and the Stan. You have to line up the same Wild to win though, you cannot have 2 Stan's and 1 scratch for example.

The next bonus feature is Cartman's Stacked Wilds. This bonus features Cartman Vs General Disarray in a cat and mouse game where Cartman tries to catch General Disarray. As he climbs up and slides down the reels, Cartman stacks Wilds along his path. This feature is randomly activated, so every spin has the potential of giving you Stacked Wilds.

Next we have Kenny's Multiplier. This is Kenny vs. Professor Chaos himself. They duke it out during your spin, and you are awarded a bet line multiplier of x3, x4 or x5. This is also a randomly activated feature, so keep your fingers crossed that it will show up on your spin because you could really win big with these multipliers!

Up next we have Stan. Stan's Multiplying Re-Spin is a really unique feature to this game. This is also randomly activated, and it triggers a re-spin on all 5 reels. Every time you do not win, you get another re-spin for free. This feature is awesome because it guarantees a win – you will not stop re-spinning until you line up a win on one of the 20 paylines. Not only that, but every re-spin increases a progressive multiplier that will send your bet line wins soaring from 2x all the way up to 10x. This is a great feature, you can win tons of real cash if this one is activated on one of your spins!

Kyle's bonus feature is called Overlay Wilds, and it is another very unique bonus that is not seen very often because it is just so lucrative to the player. Kyle is battling against the evil minions. His goal is to clear the reels of these evil minions, and in the process he will create anywhere between 3 to 5 Overlay Wilds. This bonus feature is also randomly activated, so watch out for it!

Finally, you have the chance to win big with Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins. In this bonus feature you will notice 3 Bonus symbols appearing anywhere on reels 1, 3 or 5. This happens in the main game and it activates Epic Bonus Spins, where Mintberry Crunch fights up to 4 enemies at a time. If you win against all 4 enemies you will be awarded a Victory Bonus Also, every time you defeat an enemy, a multiplier increases your winnings from x2 all the way up to a maximum of x4.

If you look at the bottom of the main game screen, you will see all of the buttons you need to adjust your bet level and play the pokie. On the right is the coin value, where you can increase or decrease form 5 cents up to 50 cents. On the left of the screen is the bet level, which sets the number of coins you want to bet per spin. You can bet from 1 to 10 coins at a time. If you are playing for free your game will automatically be loaded with a ton of coins so that you can keep on spinning for a long time. In the middle of the screen you have the option to spin once or select auto play, which will keep on spinning the reels until you tell it to stop. You can also select max bet, which will automatically place your bet at 10 coins at 50 cents each. You will win the maximum amount of real money if you play max bet.

This exciting and original game plays well on a smartphone or tablet through mobile apps as well. The 2D graphics are well suited to the smaller screens, more so than some of the flashy 3D online pokies out there. With mobile apps you can play from anywhere, as long as you have internet or cell service!

The game is super accurate when it comes to staying faithful to South Park graphics, music and design elements, but it still manages to come up with an original and fun story line for players to follow.


South Park Reel Chaos is ahead of the curve by offering a whopping 20 paylines that you can win off of. This means that every single time you spin the reels, you have 20 different ways to win. You don't have to just line symbols up in a straight row to win like you did in classic pokies games – the 20 paylines give you plenty of chances to win including diagonal, up and down, and multiple combinations. It really pays off to bet the max bet when you have this many paylines, because you are so much more likely to win. If you win while betting the max, your real money payout can be up to 50 times higher.

Betting Range

South Park Reel Chaos gives you a lot of freedom with their wide betting range. To set your bet, you need to select both your coin value and your bet level. The coin value is the actual dollar amount you want to spend per coin. You will notice that as you increase or decrease your coin value, the number of coins in your bank will increase or decrease in the opposite direction. Less coin value equals more coins. You can select anywhere from one cent up to 50 cents per coin. Next you need to select your bet level. There are 10 levels total, and each one represents the number of coins you are betting. So let's say you set your coin value at 1 cent. A bet level of 1 would mean you are betting only one penny per spin, while a bet level of 10 would be 10 cents per spin. You can also bet 10 cents by setting your coin value at 10 cents, and your bet level at 1. It is totally customizable.


South Park Reel Chaos pays our your real money winnings using the same calculations as any other pokies game. Your real cash prize is based on the number of symbols you line up, the value of each symbol, and whether or not you landed on a multiplier. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what pay line you win off of, you must line up the symbols from left to right. Right to left will not get you anything. Here is an easy reference list of all of the symbols in South Park Reel Chaos, and their values:

  • Butters
    3 = 35
    4 = 150
    5 = 1000
  • Cartman
    3 = 30
    4 = 100
    5 = 500
  • Kenny
    3 = 25
    4 = 75
    5 = 300
  • Kyle
    3 = 15
    4 = 40
    5 = 150
  • Stan
    3 = 20
    4 = 50
    5 = 200
  • Ace
    3 = 15
    4 = 30
    5 = 100
  • King
    3 = 10
    4 = 25
    5 = 75
  • Queen
    3 = 10
    4 = 20
    5 = 60
  • Jack
    3 = 5
    4 = 20
    5 = 50
  • Ten
    3 = 5
    4 = 15
    5 = 40


Unfortunately, like the original South Park game, South Park Reel Chaos does not have a real cash jackpot for you to win. But, with all of the amazing bonus features that are offered, you will not miss a jackpot in this excitement packed game. Keep in mind that the highest level you can win is 650,000 coins, a huge real cash prize no matter what your bet level. If you were on max bet when you won this prize, you would earn $325,000! Now that is definitely not a number to complain about. Overall, this is an excellent pokie with tons of ways to win huge real money prizes.

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