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Do you have a green thumb, or even just wish that you did? If so, then Flowers is the online pokies game for you. As soon as you enter the game you are welcomed by the sounds of spring – rustling leaves in the breeze, birds chirping, frogs croaking by a pond, bees buzzing around. With its colorful and realistic graphics, this game really makes you feel like it is a warm spring day out in the garden. You can play this pokie on a computer, or on your smartphone with mobile apps. You can play for real money on your desktop computer or through an app, or you can play for free just for fun or practice. This pokie has some truly awesome features with double symbols, wilds and free spins so you have tons of chances to win.

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Flowers is another great slot developed by Net Entertainment. It is a classic pokies game with 5 reels and an impressive 30 paylines. You can win by lining up symbols from left to right, with 5 bet levels that increase your potential payout as you rise in levels. Coin values start as small as 1 penny and go all the way up to 50 cents. When you play the maximum paylines for the biggest chance to win, it costs $15 to spin.

When you play any of Flowers' 30 paylines and win, the highest amount of wins on any payline is paid out. You might just get lucky and achieve 5 wilds on a payline, which pays an impressive 5,000 coins. Wilds can be substituted for any other symbol except doubles or free spins.

Get lucky and achieve 5 wilds on a payline to cash out an impressive 5,000 coins.

Free spins are a great feature in this game. They trigger bet multipliers when you see at least 4 free spin icons anywhere on the reels. They do not all have to be on the same payline in order to multiply your bets.

Doubles are also a really cool feature that NetEnt has added to this pokie. Each flower symbol has either a single or double option, with doubles symbols counting for 2 single symbols and paying out much higher coin levels. For example, if you have 3 single red roses you will will 20 coins, but if you have the same number of double red roses your winnings increase significantly to 250 coins! Doubles are a great way to win even more coins on the same number of spins.

In this online pokies game you can either play spin by spin or you can select the Auto play function and sit back and watch the action as the game plays itself. Make sure to select the Max Bet button to instantly place you bet level at 5 coins, giving you the maximum chance to increase your winnings amount every time you line up symbols on a payline.


Flowers has a truly impressive 30 paylines to select. You can either customize your spin by selecting a certain number of paylines, or you can choose to maximize your winnings by playing all 30 lines for every spin. Winning spins are when you line up at least 3 symbols going from the left side of the screen to the right side. You will often see the Wild symbol show up, which can be substituted for any symbol other than free spins. If you line up 5 Wild cards then you can really win big! Double symbols are in both the main game as well as free spins. These are exactly what they sound like – if you line up doubles, you win double. This gives you the potential to win large amounts fast, especially when combined with the x3 coin multiplier and Stacked Wilds features in your free spins.

Betting Range

Flowers' betting range starts as low as you can possibly go, with 1 penny. If you choose only one payline and the minimum coin amount, that is how much your bet will be. Each payline costs an additional coin. So. if you choose to bet 1 penny per payline and go with all 30 lines, you will be betting 30 cents per spin. The maximum bet amount is 5 coins per bet. You can set the coin level at one cent, two cents, five cents, ten cents, twenty cents or fifty cents. If you select the Max Bet button, you automatically select a 5 coin, 50 cent bet on all 30 lines. This is the best way to play because it increases your winnings significantly, but it can get expensive if you play max bet over and over again.


Payments in the Flowers pokie depend on the values of the symbols that you line up in any particular payline. Each symbol has a specific value that increases as you line up more per payline. You can line up either 3, 4 or 5 in a row and the winnings increase with the number of symbols per line. Remember, they have to be line up from left to right in order to win. Since flowers has double symbols, you have much greater chances t win big by lining up the flowers icons, you can win for up to 10 symbols on a single line. The number values for each individual symbol are:

  • Red Rose
    3 = 20
    4 = 40
    5 = 160
    6 = 250
    7 = 400
    8 = 600
    9 = 1000
    10 = 2000
  • Yellow Sunflower
    3 = 15
    4 = 35
    5 = 140
    6 = 225
    7 = 350
    8 = 550
    9 = 900
    10 = 1800
  • Green Buds
    3 = 15
    4 = 30
    5 = 120
    6 = 200
    7 = 300
    8 = 500
    9 = 800
    10 = 1600
  • Blue Bells
    3 = 10
    4 = 20
    5 = 80
    6 = 150
    7 = 200
    8 = 400
    9 = 600
    10 = 1200
  • Pink Tulips
    3 = 10
    4 = 25
    5 = 100
    6 = 175
    7 = 250
    8 = 450
    9 = 700
    10 = 1400
  • Aces
    3 = 5
    4 = 20
    5 = 200
  • Kings
    3 = 5
    4 = 20
    5 = 150
  • Queens
    3 = 5
    4 = 15
    5 = 125
  • Jacks
    3 = 5. 4 = 15
    5 = 100


Flowers does not have the largest jackpot out there at 2,000 coins, but this game is so packed full of ways to win big that you will not miss it. You hit the jackpot when you land 5 double roses for a total of 10 rose symbols. You can also win big in this game by lining up 5 Wilds symbols for a payout of 5,000 coins. If you get a free spin bonus round, you can spin 3 wilds in a payline which will automatically turn into stacked wilds, increasing your chances of winning. You can win up to 30 free spins at a time whenever 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8 or 10 scattered free spin symbols appear on the screen. Free spins to not have to line up in a payline in order to activate, they can be anywhere on the screen as long as there are 4 or more.

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