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Gonzo's Quest is a game designed for people who love pokies but are sick of the same old format on every single pokie machine. It is a fresh new story, with exciting 3D graphics and an Avalanche feature that has the symbols fall down from the top of the screen instead of the traditional wheel spin. This pokie has a jackpot of 2,500 coins, which is not huge when compared with some other pokies, but it makes up for it by having the innovative Free Fall feature and regularly occurring Wilds. You have plenty of chances to win real cash with this pokies game, whether you play on mobile apps or a computer.

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Gonzo's Quest is the first platinum video real money pokies game by classic pokies developer Net Entertainment. It is available on the computer or in a mobile app or casino apps. The game begins with a 3D animated film that tells the story of Gonzo the Spanish conquistador, who is based off of Gonzalo Pizarro. Gonzo is on a quest to find the city of Eldorado, reportedly made entirely out of gold. Gonzo stays on your screen while you are playing the game, encouraging you forward. The developers of this game really went over the top in making it visually appealing, not only in the introductory film but during game play as well. The symbols are all beautifully designed and detailed, and feature a lot of classic Amazonian imagery. The Gonzo figure that stands to the left of the screen is entertaining and always in motion, and includes some fun sound effects. The background sound in this game also gives you the feeling of really being in the jungle. It is truly an immersing experience playing this game!

This game takes pokies in a different direction than most pokies with their Avalanche feature. Instead of spinning a wheel as usual, the symbols fall down from the top of the screen with a heavy bang! You have 20 possible paylines to win from, and when your symbols match up on a winning line, the winning symbols explode in a 3D animation. The spots leftover by those symbols are filled by more symbols falling from the top of the screen. The Avalanches keep coming as long as you have winning symbols in your paylines!

The developers of this game really went over the top in making it visually appealing.

Another innovative feature is the Free Fall feature. Each payline that includes more than 3 Free Fall symbols activates 10 Free Falls. The symbols have to show up in direct succession from left to right, and your Free Fall bonus spins use the same bet that you were using when you activated Free Fall. As you can see, Gonzo's Quest has a myriad of ways that you can win real cash fast.

Gonzo's Quest is easy to access on a mobile device. You can play in so many different ways – just for fun for free, for real cash, or for practice. Whether you are on a mac computer, a PC, a smartphone or a mobile tablet, it is easy to access and start playing right away. This is a fun and exciting game to play at home or on the go.


Gonzo's Quest has an impressive 20 real money paylines that you can win from. They are all listed on the left and right sides of the playing screen, and if you hover your mouse over the number you can get a visualization of what each payline looks like. You can choose your bet level, coin value, and max bet using the buttons on the middle of the screen. The screen is laid out very sparsely, which is especially great if you are playing on a smartphone or mobile app. There are no extra buttons to take up valuable screen space. Everything you need to play and win real money is right there, with no extras to distract or take away from the game. Just open up the casino app on your mobile and you can start playing right away!

Betting Range

This game lets you make bets in different value increments by setting the Coin Value on the right hand of your screen, and the Bet Level on the left. The Coin value tells you how much each coin you are betting is worth in dollars. You can bet as little as one cent, or as much as $2.00 per coin. The Bet Level tells you how many coins you are betting per spin. As an example, if you are betting $.01 Coin Value at 100 Bet Level, each spin costs you $1.00. You can also hit Max Bet, which automatically selects every single payline and increases your Bet Level to 100. Your Coin Value remains the same as whatever you selected last.


There are so many different ways to win real cash when playing Gonzo's Quest. When you are spinning and hit a Free Fall with the Avalanche feature, you can significantly increase your winnings. If you get a third Avalanche in a row, you will get three times your line-wins as payment! If you get a fourth, the amount increases to five times your wins! You can also get even more winning combination Avalanches after this, which are multiplied by 15. Not only that, while you are winning avalanche after avalanche you can still win Free Falls when you have 3 or more Free Fall symbols fall into place! Here is the breakdown on payments for each symbol:

  • Moon Symbol
    3 = 50
    4 = 250
    5 = 2500
  • Fire Symbol
    3 = 20
    4 = 100
    5 = 1000
  • Fish Idol
    3 = 15
    4 = 50
    5 = 500
  • Health Idol
    3 = 10
    4 = 25
    5 = 200
  • Snake Idol
    3 = 5
    4 = 20
    5 = 100
  • Alligator Idol
    3 = 4
    4 = 15
    5 = 75
  • Bird Idol
    3 = 3
    4 = 10
    5 = 50


The maximum jackpot for Gonzo's Quest is 2,500 coins per line. This may seem low when compared with some other games that have extra large or progressive jackpots, but when you keep in mind all of the ways you have to win, it is clear that you have so many chances to win a lot of real cash other than the jackpot. This game is definitely worth playing for a real money profit, with an overall payout percentage of 96.1%. The hit frequency is 41% for the main game, and 54% in the bonus game. This is truly impressive! In the bonus game, the max payout increases significantly as well. Try out Gonzo's Quest today on your computer, PC, or apps on a mobile device.

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