So this is where leprechauns hide their stash! Rainbow’s End is a virtual pot of gold ready to explode into your life and give you that lucky break.

  • Irish-themed online pokies with five reels and 25 paylines.
  • Reels are bursting with lucky symbols such as four-leaf clovers, horseshoes and more!
  • Multiply your winnings with free spins and a bonus gambling mini-game.

The Rainbow's End Pokie Review

Getting tired of all the new hard-to-understand games with millions of paylines and distractions? Rainbow's End pokies from Microgaming is a return to the basics of online game. Sure, you'll find bonus games and other extras that provide plenty of excitement, but the simple layout and rules make the game incredibly easy to understand while still keeping the chance for finding your own personal pot of gold.

Rainbow's End Screenshots

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The Game Basics

The basics of Rainbow's End pokies is a background of Nine to Ace symbols interspersed with several featuring the Leprechaun motif and the ubiquitous horseshoes, rainbows, and four-leaf clovers. The arrangement of the symbols is on five spinning reels with a total of 15 symbols being displayed with every spin. There are a few of these Irish symbols that deserve your special attention.

The Pot of Gold is the wild symbol on the Rainbow's End pokies online and will only appear on either the second or fourth reels. When you see one of these Pots of Gold, it will stretch across the entire reel and serving to help complete matches for all three lines.

You'll find bonus games and other extras that provide plenty of excitement, but the simple layout and rules make the game incredibly easy to understand.

The scatter symbol for Rainbow's End online pokies is the Leprechaun and it pays out any time there are at least two present. With just two Leprechauns, you'll get a standard win, but lining up three of the elusive Irish figures anywhere on the entire layout will give you 15 free spins. Anything you win during the free spins will be doubled and you can even get more free spins if enough Leprechauns appear.

If you want to take a shot at exponentially raising your profits, you can choose to gamble your winnings from a single spin in a special Rainbow's End online pokies feature. In choosing this option, you will be presented with a deck of cards and selecting the correct colour of the next card will double your win. Taking the bigger chance of predicting the suit of the card will return four times your original wager.

Pokie Paylines

Rainbow's End pokies go back to the old school of online gaming, with players having the choice of covering all or only a part of the 25 different paylines available. Like most of the golden age online games, this means that you can play for an extremely cheap price, but it does come with limitations. Betting on less that 25 paylines greatly reduces your chances of getting free spins, which is the part of the game where most of your money will be won.

Betting Range

The lowest wager you can make on Rainbow's End pokies online is a paltry $0.01. This bet would be for the single middle payline at the minimum level. If you want to go the maximum route, the biggest bet is $0.25 per payline per coin, which means that you can play up to $125.00 per spin. A good idea is to find a per spin amount you feel comfortable playing and then divide by 25 to find your per payline amount, which will result in the best chances of winning. If you're not so familiar with the older style of Rainbow's End online pokies, use the free play option to get a little experience under your belt.


Because of the lower amount of paylines present in Rainbow's End pokies online, understanding the payout system is incredibly easy. Taking a look at the payout schedule will show the exact combinations needed for a winning spin. Basically, you'll be shooting for matching symbols across the paylines as well as the scatter symbols to jump into free spins and give a big boost to your total profits.

Hit The Jackpots

Even though the price of admission for Rainbow's End online pokies is relatively small, the payoff for hitting a jackpot is still pretty big in comparison with other games. The max win on the normal paylines is $25,000, but the 2x multiplier on the free spins means that you can bag up to $50,000 on a single spin.

With many new games going over the top with animations, complex bonus rounds, and other adornments, Rainbow's End pokies are a great option if you're looking for a simple way to play online. In just a short time playing, you could easily end up with your own personal Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

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