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Arrrgh! Are you ready for an adventure across the seven seas, matey? Loose Cannon is a cheerful take on pirate lore with plenty of booty to be won.

  • Pirate-themed online pokies with five reels and 243 different ways of winning.
  • Slick layout and bold, colourful graphics make for a more immersive gameplay.
  • Wild Cannon feature transforms up to 15 random symbols into Wilds; trigger this during free spins and you’re golden!

Arrrrgh Review

Land ahoy, matey!

Ever dreamt of being a pirate on the seven seas in search of treasure? If so, Loose Cannon pokies is the game for you. Featuring a massive 243 different ways to win, this popular offering from Microgaming has plenty of players raking in vast booty and raising the Jolly Roger to celebrate the pirate's life.


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  • Loose Cannon

Top Microgaming Experience

Loose Cannon pokies online come from Microgaming - the same name behind many of today's top titles. Unlike other games where reels are spun and winnings collected, this new game brings a storyline into the mix. You will be responsible for traversing the seas in your ship (called Loose Cannon) and plundering exotic isles. Catching wild symbols and entering bonus modes help to keep the consistent line of the story and add a narrative to the time you spend playing the game.

As would be expected, the pirate theme is very present in Loose Cannon pokies online and most of the symbols will relate to life on the seas, including octopuses, pistols, crabs, monkeys, a sexy wench, and, of course, lots of gold. The visuals are done in the cartoon style with tons of bold colours, meaning that pop off the screen and are capable of deeply immersing a player.

Loose Cannon pokies uses Microgaming's 243 ways to win system, which means that even a single bet has all the paylines covered.

The Loose Cannon pokies have a clean layout with all of the important information clearly displayed at the bottom of the screen. In addition to the current credits and bet amounts, you'll also find a box that reports your wins for each spin. In the same area, you can set an autoplay to repeat the last bet amount and a spin button starts the action.

One exciting feature of the game is found when you receive one of the wild symbols on the third reel, activating the Wild Cannon. When this happens, the cannon fires and transforms other symbols wild as well, with up to 15 being changed in a single shot. This is the best time to capitalise on the elusive 15 free spins that are part of the game. You'll need to have at least one scatter symbol (a compass) on the first, third, or fifth reel for the Wild Cannon to have the best effect.


If you're an aspiring pirate, you don't need to worry that your bet is too small to keep all the hatches battened down. The Loose Cannon pokies uses Microgaming's 243 ways to win system, which means that even a single bet has all the paylines covered. The basic setup of the paylines is five reels coupled with three rows. A full description of the paylines can be found on the game itself, but rest assured that if it looks like a win, it probably is.

Betting Range

The casinos that have Loose Cannon pokies online available have made the game accessible to every budget level. Starting at $0.30, the minimum bet size is small enough that even someone with a smaller bankroll will be able to stretch their dollars over a longer session than other games. Of course, if you're planning on going after the jackpot, then you'll want to be betting a bit higher. The maximum bet for a single spin on Loose Cannon online pokies is $6.00.

Many casinos will also have a free version of Loose Cannon so you can get a feel for the game before plunking real money down. However, if you're familiar with the Microgaming 243 ways system, you'll immediately feel comfortable as soon as you make your first spin.


The big winnings from Loose Cannon online pokies are found in the free spins. Whenever you have the good fortune of getting three compass symbols to line up correctly, you'll be awarded with 15 free spins and your winnings in this time are doubled. During this free spin mode, the scatter compasses are still available and you can build up even more free spins as they accumulate, with an even higher multiplier. There are several other bonus modes, including some random awards that will pad your credits until they overflow.

Prizes & Jackpots

Loose Cannon online pokies are a standalone game, which means there is no progressive jackpot to win. At the same time, the biggest prize on this game of $75,500 is still quite high and makes it worth playing. Falling into this kind of plundered booty could just make Loose Cannon pokies online your favourite game on the high seas.

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