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You know the name, now play the game! Become a true Playboy with this is a sexy pokies filled with hot babes.

  • Meet Kimi, Sofia, Jillian and Ashley, four lovely virtual ladies, who’ll guide you to the jackpot.
  • 5 reels of titillating fun, with an astounding 243 paylines.
  • Immersive bonus games.

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Online gaming and scantily clad women - a perfect match!

Playboy pokies are the ultimate when it comes to full-on sensory gaming. Sitting down to play, you'll not only be intrigued by many unique features of the game, but the inclusion of top Playboy models will take your experience to the next level. If you've ever wondered if the two worlds could possibly be combined, Playboy online pokies makes it clear that the answer is a resounding yes. Playboy and Microgaming have created a clear winner and the resulting game is available at many top online casinos.

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Details Of The Game

Microgaming is a leader in online gaming and Playboy has been at the top of the media world for nearly half a century, so the pairing of the two makes perfect sense. With Playboy pokies, the newly-married couple have brought something that has long been missing in the world of online gaming - an option for mature players that want to experience several of their passions at the same time.

At first glance, the one thing that sticks out with Playboy pokies online is the graphics. The attractive quartet of Kimi, Sofia, Jillian, and Ashley guide you through the game and give you plenty of options to deliver a more interactive feel in the game. In addition, the girls are rounded out by other common themes from Playboy magazine - fast cars, the Playboy mansion, and the iconic logo of the company. The basis underlying system is the usual playing cards of Ace through Ten and even these symbols have been adorned with a little Playboy flair.

Kimi, Sofia, Jillian, and Ashley guide you through the game and give you plenty of options to deliver a more interactive feel in the game.

Based on the same engine as Thunderstruck 2, the pay of Playboy online pokies will feel natural if you've played that game or others such as The Finer Reels in Life or Immortal Romance. However, there are some differences, primarily with the free spin aspect of the game. You'll have your choice of four different variations on the free spin theme, each with their own level of potential rewards and volatility. Each one is tied to one of the Playboy models, so choose your favourite and go for the big win.

Pokies Paylines

As with many Microgaming titles, Playboy pokies feature the ever-popular five reel system that yields a whopping 243 playlines, all available with even the minimum bet. You can dig deeper to see how all of the paylines work, but basically you can assume that if the symbols line up in any way, it will result in a win. The standard paylines and the bonus games work together to form a highly-immersive magnet that will keep you playing and winning.

Betting Range

Although Playboy online pokies have a familiar minimum bet of $0.30, the truth is that this game can go up much higher if you so desire. In addition, you can also check out Playboy pokies online for free at some online casinos. However, for the most excitement, it does help to have some money on the line. When playing for real money, you should keep in mind that the biggest wins are found by playing the maximum per spin. At the same time, betting just the minimum can still bring plenty of pleasure and can end in a substantial win.

Payments & Free Spins

The Playboy logo is the wild symbol (dealt in stacks of three) and can replace other symbols when it appears with the scatter symbol of a girl by a pool. Whenever three of these scatters appear (regardless of whether a wild is involved), you'll be instantly transported to the free spin stage. Your options for Playboy pokies free spins are as follows, noted by the model leading the action:

Kimi - Going with Kimi will give you a 5x multiplier across ten free spins. Obviously the most conservative option, this one will work if you're looking to take it slow and steady and are content with modest gains.

Sofia - Moving up the ladder, Sofia offers 15 free spins and the important addition of Running Wilds, which makes it possible to extend the free spins and increase winnings.

Ashley - With 20 free spins and the unique Rolling Reels feature, Ashley is the favourite option for many Playboy pokies online players. This option is more subject to volatility, but you'll encounter some serious wins from time to time.

Jillian - If you're really looking to get lucky, then Jillian deserves more of your attention. In her version of the free spins, you'll have 25 spins and a feature called Wild Nights. Needless to say, swings with Jillian are big, but you'll certainly be rewarded when the big numbers come rolling in.


The only place where Playboy pokies online can seem to fall a little flat is in the area of jackpots. There is no progressive option and the size of the jackpots can feel a little small when compared to other Microgaming options. Getting five scattered symbols will net you a cool 30,000 coins and landing five logos will return 5,000 coins. At the same time, the possible winnings from the free spins part of the game mean that Playboy online pokies can still be quite profitable. With a titillating gameplay and excellent graphics, the marriage of Microgaming and the media giant of Playboy is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

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