Try Karate Pig Pokie Free

Karate Pig pokie is a fun filled Japanese-themed game featuring the eponymous Karate Pig, a master fighter and sushi chef. Oink your way to big wins!

  • The game covers up to 40 paylines to play to your heart’s content
  • Take a chance to win a sweet 2000 coin jackpot
  • Choose to play for free or use real money!

What a creative spin on a slot machine game this online pokies game is. The hero, Karate Pig, is both a master in Karate and a master sushi chef. If you especially enjoy Japanese culture and Kung Fu fighting scenes, Karate Pig could even be one of the online Aussie pokies games you go hog wild for. Even if Karate is not your cup of tea, you should find this light hearted, highly entertaining pokies game a welcome change from the everyday routine. The theme is silly, to be sure, but what;s not to like about receiving a black belt from a pig, if it has you laughing all the way to the bank.


  • Karate Pig
  • Karate Pig
  • Karate Pig
  • Karate Pig


Microgaming's online pokies game called Karate Pig is a non-progressive jackpot game with five reels and 40 paylines. Along with assorted animals, like cats and owls and, of course, the Karate Pig, the game has a distinctly Asian feel to it with symbols like bonsai trees and a golden Buddha. The bright colors and bold graphics will have you glued to the computer screen, too. So, if you are seeking something different in your online pokies play experience, something far removed from what you;ll ever find in Australia, Karate Pig certainly has enough novelty to grab your attention. What will keep you happily playing, though, are all the extra features you expect to see in any good Australian pokies game–wild symbols, scatter symbols, stacked reels, free spins, multiplied winnings, bonus games, and jackpots.

The theme is silly, to be sure, but what's not to like about receiving a black belt from a pig if it has you laughing all the way to the bank?

The Karate Pig logo is the wild symbol. As such, it can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol, thereby turning non-winning spins into winning ones. If the Karate Pig happens to fall on all five positions of a payline, you hit the jackpot big time, but wait you could actually fare a lot better. This game also has stacked Wilds, so if they fall just right, not only could a whole reel turn completely wild, the whole machine could go wild!

When two golden coin symbols show up anywhere on both the first and fifth reels, you get 15 free spins with your winnings doubled. The Karate Pig Sushi Chef is the game;s scatter symbol. Anytime you get three or more of those (position doesn;t matter), it triggers the bonus game. Ultimately, if you;re really lucky, you will get to witness Karate Pig in a thrilling 3 round showdown with a scary opponent, with Karate Pig® and you emerging victorious.

Piggy Paylines

This online pokies game comes with 40 paylines. How many you play is up to you, but the more lines you have working for you, the more you can win.

Betting Range

You can play Karate Pig online pokies for free, or you can play for real money, your choice. The machine accepts coins from 1 cent to 10 cents. Once you have picked your denomination, you need to decide how many lines you want to play, from 1 to all 40. You must also decide how much money you want to play per line, up to a 50 cent maximum. Thus, your minimum bet per spin is 1 cent and your maximum bet per spin is 40 times 50 cents, or $20.

Kicking Payments

In addition to all the extra money you can win with stacked Wilds and free spins, the appearance of three or more Karate Pig Sushi Chef Scatter symbols at any point in the game allows you to play the Bonus Game. After you choose between two bonuses, Pork Chop and Hammer, you select 3 of 6 hidden prizes. If you pick right, you get one of 7 different colored belts. Ultimately, if all goes according to plan, you get the coveted black belt, which opens up the final showdown between Karate Pig and a giant boar. After three rounds of battle, if Karate Pig wins, you win a big prize, too.


There is no multimillion dollar jackpot to be won from betting on the Karate Pig, but there is a nice top fixed jackpot of 2,000 coins for having 5 Karate Pig logo symbols land at once. While not likely, it would be possible for you to really hit the jackpot if, in addition, the whole machine goes wild, and it all happens on a free spin, so your windfall is doubled. If you accomplish that feat, you can happily let the machine do the math.

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