Try Cashanova Pokie Free

Spend a dirty weekend with randy rooster Roger, Cashanova, and his feathery girlfriend Henrietta. Try to win money while a chicken tries to score. It’s time to get clucky!

  • 5 reels of hot hen action, with 25 paylines.
  • Three bonus games.
  • Chicken breasts!

Cashanova online pokies is a light hearted and fun video slot machine celebrating the love of our rooster hero attempting to seduce his girlfriend. The graphics are comic and funny, and you can't help but laugh at his attempts to be romantic. Will you hit the jackpot while playing Cashanova pokies? Will Cashanova himself get luck? Read on to find out!

Game Screenshots

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Romantic Game Theme

A romantic weekend is enjoyable any time of year, and the background music to Cashanova pokies enhances the experience whilst helping the players to relax. Upon creating a winning combination, music and animations are played. This makes the play experience fun and enjoyable, even if you haven’t succeeded in a big win. If you would prefer to play with your own music then you can do so by using the simple volume control in the Cashanova pokies machine.

Where Cashanova online pokies may lack in betting options, it makes up for in generous bonus games. There are three bonus games available.


Cashanova pokies is a traditional 5 reel, 25 payline video pokies machine. The themed symbols in the Cashanova pokies game help tell the story of our hapless hero Roger and his girlfriend Henrietta. The symbols include both Roger and Henrietta, as well as a Berry Bowl, Chocolate Corn, Fountain, Fruit Platter, Henhouse Magazine, Mansion, and Whipped Cream. The bonus symbols are the Feather Key and the Free Range bonus, both helpfully say "bonus" right on the symbol itself.

Betting Ranges

Cashanova pokies doesn't have the widest range of betting options, and can be considered a low stakes machine. The coin choices only range between $.01 up to a maximum of $.25. With a maximum bet of 10 coins per line, this pokies machine is affordable even on max bet.

Bonus Games

Where Cashanova online pokies may lack in betting options, they make up for in generous bonus games. There are three bonus games available. The Free Range Bonus begins with a page where players can pick eggs which award spins and a multiplier. There is a maximum of 15 free spins with a 5x multiplier. The Barn Bonus players must look for the Feather Key, and find a number of prizes on the way! If players find the key they unlock an exclusive bonus game. This Lucky Bonus is set in Henrietta's Henhouse, and Roger must find a gift to give Henrietta that pleases her. Depending on how well she likes the gift you choose you can win more coins!

Jackpot - Win Big Today

While you may not be able to buy love, Cashanova pokies can certainly help you buy gifts for one you love! The largest non multiplier jackpot is an impressive 15,000 coins. When the bonus games are considered, the highest jackpot skyrockets up to an amazing $187,500 during the Free Range Bonus if you get the 5x multiplier.

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