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Embrace your inner Big Bad Wolf in this charming pokies inspired by the Three Pigs fairy tale. This time. Blow down houses in Piggy Fortunes and score big money!

  • A farmyard themed game where 25 paylines are always selected.
  • The minimum of 25 paylines means there’s high chances of winning
  • A soothing, country-inspired soundtrack.

Our Review OF The Game

Piggy Fortunes brings the action with this fairy tale based online pokies invention. If you have ever heard the story of "The Three Little Pigs", then you know exactly where this is headed. Take a deep breath and blow down the houses with this amazing pokies for Microgaming.

Piggy Fortunes is based on the ancient fairy tale of "The Three Little Pigs", but this time there is a twist. This time, you are the wolf. The entire point of the game is to blow down the houses and rack up free spins and coins. You can find all of those details in the payouts section of this review.

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Everything You Need To Know

It is easy for any Aussie to get into a game of Piggy Fortunes. The straightforward paylines and bonus rounds are absolutely perfect for beginners. There are plenty of familiar symbols in the game, including the three little pigs, the wolf and the houses. There are also standard alphabet letters that help you complete paylines. There are tons of ways to increase your chance of winning at Piggy Fortunes with the helpful wild and scatter symbols.

There is no progressive jackpot attached to Piggy Fortunes, but there are some very unique and interesting features.

When you first start up the game you are greeted by some very laidback, farm style music. You instantly feel relaxed and excited at the same time, a great feeling. When it comes to online pokies, it is supposed to be all about fun and winning - two things that Piggy Fortunes brings very well.

There is no progressive jackpot attached to Piggy Fortunes, but there are some very unique and interesting features that you will learn about below. One such feature is when a wolf symbol lines up next to a house symbol, all houses of that same build are instantly blown down! That of course nets you some nice cash.


The paylines at Piggy Fortunes are really nice, with 25 selected no matter what. In many of the online pokies you come across, you can choose the amount of paylines to play. With Piggy Fortunes, it is always going to be a minimum of 25. Therefore the minimum bet will be AU$0.25, where as most Microgaming pokies feature a min bet of AU$0.01. Also be on the lookout for multipliers. They can be 2x, 3x or 4x depending on what kind of house is "blown down" by the wolf wild symbol.

Betting Range

You can bet between 25 and 375 coins per spin in Piggy Fortunes. The betting range can be adjusted by you before the game even starts. You may also change the stakes before any spin. Casual players and big spenders alike can get in on the action of Piggy Fortunes. The actual coin value that you pick is up to you, meaning 25 coins to somebody may be an entirely different value to somebody else.


Like most online pokies players, you are probably most concerned with the actual payouts. As was mentioned previously, there is no progressive jackpot attached to Piggy Fortunes. That, however, is not a bad thing. The chances of you lighting up the reels are very high, and our editor seemed to be hitting something or another on nearly every spin. That is the kind of momentum and fun that you like to see in an online pokie.

One of the reasons that the game has so many winning spins is that it automatically picks 25 paylines for you. There is no way to change this amount, so every spin of the reels has countless ways it can win. The pigs count as the scatter symbol and the wolf acts as the wild. The wolf can substitute for any other symbol, adding to the endless combinations of ways for you to win.

When the wild wolf symbol appears next to any house, the house and its matches all blow over. The more houses that blow over, the higher your payout will be. There will be a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier based on whether you land the wolf next to a straw, mud or brick house - just like the original fairy tale! That is just one of the many interesting and unique features of Piggy Fortunes.

So what are you waiting for? Huff and puff and blow the roof off!

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