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Hot Ink online pokies is not just about tattoos but also about exceptional gaming experience. Lets get inked!

  • With an impressive 1024 paylines. Hot Ink online pokies offers great fun!
  • One jackpot is not enough. Hot ink offers two massive jackpots of 100,000 and 122,500 coins respectively.
  • The staggering amount of bonus features sets this game apart

The Hot Ink Casino Pokie Game

If getting ink and winning money are your idea of a good time, then you should definitely check out Hot Ink pokies, one of the newest releases from Microgaming. As the name implies, this pokie is all about tattoos and those with head to toe ink will feel right at home playing. However, Hot Ink pokies online are not just novelty games and there's more than meets the eye.


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Fun Tattoo Game Theme

A look at the graphics of Hot Ink online pokies will show you the seamless blending of online gaming and tattoo culture. The majority of the symbols are classic tattoo icons, such as 8-balls, flaming dice, horseshoes, and stars. Also, while playing you'll come across images of tattoo parlours as well as artists, armed with guns and ready to deliver a new masterpiece.

One of the things that makes Hot Ink pokies better than many other similar games is the selection of bonus games that is present.

One of the things that makes Hot Ink pokies better than many other similar games is the selection of bonus games that is present. The chance for standard free spins is represented by the Koi Fish symbol. Whenever three of these scatter symbols appear, you'll receive a payout as well as the opportunity to win a lot more over the course of 20 free spins. Free spins can be compounded as well by grabbing another set of three scattered Koi Fish, thus building profits to unbelievable levels.

The other main bonus game happens when you get three of the Tattoo Bonus symbols (purple letters on a gold background). After the payout has been awarded, the bonus game process will start with three albums of arm, leg, and back tattoo art being displayed. Make your picks and if they turn out to be a set, ten free spins will be your reward and your winnings during these spins will have a 2x multiplier.

1024 Paylines

If Microgaming's normal 243 paylines is not enough, then the incredible 1024 paylines found in Hot Ink pokies online will surely be enough to float your boat. Like the 243 payline option, Hot Ink online pokies do not require that you bet a certain amount to be eligible for all the different ways to win. Instead, even the minimum bet will open up all the paylines for a win. Still, the jackpots are more common at the higher limits, so choosing the maximum may help you see a huge return on your money.

Betting Range

Before jumping into a real money Hot Ink pokies game, it's a good idea to take a couple spins at the free version of the game that is available at most casinos. From there, you'll be able to see how the game works and be prepared when you enter the virtual tattoo parlour ready to put some cash on the line. Hot Ink pokies online are for every budget level, with stakes starting as low as $0.01 and reaching $0.10 at the maximum.


With the paylines going in every conceivable direction across the five reels, you'll just need to have three matching symbols to win and they can be in nearly any position. Because of the high number of paylines, this means that you can have several winning combinations on a single spin, adding up to a result of combined profits getting to a very high level with a very small investment. After playing Hot Ink pokies online for just a few minutes, the system will be easy to see and you'll automatically recognise the winning combinations as soon as they fall.

Inked Up Jackpots

The real fun of Hot Ink pokies is in the ability to win one of two truly massive jackpots. The first is in the regular part of the game and has a top prize of 100,000 coins. For an even bigger win, the bonus games offer a maximum payout of an amazing 122,500 coins. With so much to gain, playing Hot Ink online pokies is a much easier choice than deciding whether to get a real tattoo. You can find the game at many top name casinos across the Internet.

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